Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Mad Hatter's Tea Party Blog Hop

Once upon a golden afternoon, on a day much like today, Alice was picking flowers and daydreaming. It was warm day with not a cloud in the sky....Suddenly a white rabbit appeared yelling...
"I'm late,I'm late!" Alice ran down the trail to follow him as he disappeared into the forest...

Alice followed him closely, but he was just out of sight....

"Where could he have gone to?" Thought Alice. She looked and looked for him.....
Suddenly she came to a doorway... It was locked. She tried to peek through the keyhole and she could see the rabbit running through the loveliest garden you could ever dream about! I was like magic in this new and wonderful place!

 But how would she get through the doorway? For she was much too big to fit through such a tiny space.... Just then a voice said, "Why don't you try the bottle on the table?"

 Alice picked up the bottle, it had a sparkling tag that read: Drink Me... She brought it to her lips and drank the whole bottle. It was delicious! "What a strange feeling!" said Alice...

She noticed that she had become so tiny and then realized that now she would be able to get through the door, when the voice said, "Yes, but I'm locked." She had forgotten all about the key that was on the table before she drank from the bottle that had made her so small... Just then she noticed that there was a small cake bearing the words"Eat Me..."

The cake was deliciously wonderful tasting, she started to grow, and grow, and grow.....

" But now I'm so big!" Said Alice, then she noticed there were a few drops left in the bottle. She drank the last few drops and thought, This will be Perfect! She was able to open the door.... beyond the door was the most beautiful garden she could ever imagine! Flowers with such beautiful scents, birds singing the most magnificent songs she had ever heard, and delicious treats all around her... she heard the white rabbit calling to her, but she could not resist tasting them...

"Oh what a strange and magical place!" Thought Alice. She could see no one in sight, but she heard strange singing. At first she didn't see anyone, then she saw a smiling mouth... and two eyes!

Then the whole body of a cat appeared. "Why your a Cat!' Exclaimed Alice. "Yes, a Cheshire Cat."

"Would you please tell me which way to go?" Alice asked the Cheshire Cat. "That depends where you want to go" said the cat. "but if you really want to know, he went that way", said the Cat pointing.  "How very curious indeed", said Alice as she started walking through the woods. Soon she came into a big clearing where there was a big table set up for an afternoon tea...

There were several tea cups and a large pot of hot tea, and small delicate cakes that looked so delicious...

The Mad Hatter greeted her. "I'm sorry for interrupting your Birthday party" said Alice politely. "This is not a Birthday Party," said the Mad Hatter. "This is an unbirthday party."
"A what?" asked Alice. The Mad Hatter explained that everyone has one birthday a year but there are 364 unbirthdays. "Well, this is my unbirthday too!" Said Alice. "Well "Delightful! Let's celebrate... I'll pour the tea!" said the Mad Hatter.

"Would you like One lump or Two"......

So many wondrous things to see......

It's like a Wonderland!

"Twinkle,twinkle,little bat!
How I wonder where your at.
Up above the world you fly,
Like a tea tray in the sky.

She was truly in a Wonderland where everything was different from the world in which she lived....

Even the bread and butterflies that fluttered around her seemed to be having a splendid time....

"Oh Thank You so much for such a delightful and magical day, I shall remember it always."
Said Alice with a smile in her heart.

The End for now....

Thank You for sharing an Amazing Tea Party Adventure with me... It was so delightful!!!!

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A Vintage Tea cup and gift box created by me!!!

1. What is your favorite scene from the childhood classic movie Alice in Wonderland and Why????

Good Luck!!! I'll announce the winner on Monday July 30th!!!

 Happy Tea Party hopping!!!

Just follow the white rabbit, He will take you there. And  a big Thank You Vanessa  from A Fanciful Twist for hosting such a wonderful celebration!

Mad Tea Party 2012 Flyer

~Susan xo


  1. This is a glorious party! I love all the personal touches, like the enchanted bicycle, the Mad Hatter pup and the Persian / Cheshire cat! Hugs, Meeha Meeha

  2. Oh what a fun time, so much shrinking and growing, I simply must have some cake to settle my tum !
    Thank you so much for inviting me,
    I hope to see you soon at my party too, everyone is invited :)
    Mad Madam Mel x

  3. Oh how wonderful! Delightful in every way, but I have to say the Cheshire cat stole my heart! Hope you can stop by both of my parties.

  4. Oh! It's all fantastic!
    Great ideas! And a special mention to Mad Hatter.
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina (joining the party too!)

  5. Delighted!!! this was sooo sweet! Thank-you for the treat!Blessings, Amy

  6. How lovely, what a sweet kittie and I love the butterflies in your hair!

  7. Oh and here's the link to mine, do come over! x

  8. What a lovely teaparty. You've made me want to decorate my bike with ribbons and flowers now! :-)

    Hope you'll join me at my party too

  9. Oh how I adore a pretty girl with butterflies in her hair! And then there were so many treats to explore. Thank you for such an exciting time. As for my favorite scene, why that's a very difficult question to answer, especially when one is quite mad. But I think it was the caterpillar smoking his hooka pipe. Not that I'd ever do such a naughty thing, but he certainly knew how to have a mad time!

  10. Oh wow such a fun party and storytelling indeed! I made it late to the party as well! My favorite scene is when alice and the cheshire cat were talking! First I love the cheshire cat and 2nd i love the way that cat talks!
    p.s. im loving the topdog scene in your party =)

    head on over my short but sweet tea party!

  11. Blogger isnt being very nice this morning. I seem to be following but not totally sure. Everything went blank on me...Anyways LOVING those butterflies! Wow...And I love any scene with the queen of hearts..She is a riot..Beautiful party you put on :)

  12. I've had the best time at your Mad Tea Party, thank you for inviting me! When I arrived, I was reminded of my favorite scene in the movie...the Mad Hatter's tea party, of course..because who doesn't love a party?!? I fear I've overstayed my welcome, because the Queen's Guards have shown me the door :)

  13. Susan,

    Thank you for sharing your wild and rowdy Mad Tea Party! I really liked your spoon and fork clock - there's no mistaking when it's time to eat! :-)


  14. Oh I just love the butterflies in your whimsical! For some reason I love the scene where Alice is falling down the hole & of course the Cheshire cat...he cracks me up!

    Jamie :)

  15. What a delight! You've shared so many charming details here ~ the fork and spoon hands on the clock, your beautiful teapots, all the goodies ~ just to name a few. Love that cute puppy dog!
    Thanks for inviting me to this wonderful party. My favorite scene from the movie is the tea party of course because I adore a fanciful mad tea party!
    ~ Sarah

  16. its a wonderful tea party thank you for the invite... miss Susan and my favorite part in the movie is when she falls down the rabbit hole I love seeing all the book and pictures on the shelves and walls as she falls
    hugs wendy

  17. Wow! That was a Fabulously well planned party! Thank you! I especially love your key hole photo!
    I Love Ur pets and the butterfly touches too! Cheers, Kelly

  18. What a beautiful and delightful party!! And that Cheshire cat is the cutest! :) All of those old books and teacups and flowers are just gorgeous! I would have to say that my favorite part of the movie/book would have to be the tea party itself...I just love the Mad Hatter and his silliness :) Thank you for the chance to win such a lovely prize! :) ~Lauren

  19. What a delightfully mad tea party! I love all the old books and that green chair. Such lovely teapots, too. Thanks for sharing! ~Michelle

  20. You did an awesome job on your party. It all was my favorite. Your sweet treats and tea was so very wonderful. Your friends were so very nice and they showed me the way. I have to admit that my favorite is the Tea Party...

    Please visit me:

  21. Susan,
    Such a delightful Party!!!!! please stop by and visit me here:

    ~~My favorite part of the movie is anything related to The White Rabbit...I love how he leads to the Mad Hatter and the Tea Party of course! Also...I sing "White Rabbit" in our Band, the song is such a classic and still goes over well today!

  22. You are first up on the tea party visit list. Your blog background is tres cool!

    I am hosting a photography challenge for the month of August, if you are interested.

    Give me a visit some time ~

  23. When I was little I loved when she was falling down the hole because her skirt blew out and acted like a parachute. I really wished my dresses did that!


  24. Oh what a wonderful tea party! The table is just beautiful! Love those kitty eyes and your friend looks handsome in his hat!
    I can't decide which scene is my favorite, I just love looking at all the visual effects.


  25. Hi Susan,
    I very much enjoyed your magical tea party! I am following your blog. I hope you will find my blog worthy of returning the follow. : D My favorite part is when she grows too big for the house! I have always been a little taller than most and it's not always an advantage. So I could really relate to this part. : )
    Please come visit my mad tea party, I am also offering a giveaway!

  26. Your tea party is just great! I loved how you used your dog as the Mad Hatter. My favorite scene from the movie is when the little doormouse comes up out of the teapot singing "Twinkle,Twinkle Little Bat". It's my favorite part because the doormouse is just so cute!


  27. Such a fun tea party! oh how i love all of your special place! so creative. My favorite scene is when ALice meets to Caterpillar!! "One side will make you grow taller and the other side will make you grow shorter" said the caterpillar. "The other side of what" - asked Alice
    "The mushroom of course - yelled the Caterpillar!! :)

    Do stop by and enjoy my party and enjoy photos, art, dolls and a giveaway too!♥-2012/

  28. Such a fun party! And I would love to enter the giveaway! I am having a bit of difficulty following your blog, though, so I will check back in in a bit to try again :) My favorite scene from Alice in Wonderland is, of course, the Mad Tea Party!! I just love that scene, not just because this is a mad tea party, but because it has always been my favorite. I love the idea of celebrating your un-birthday, celebrating a day that would otherwise have been meaningless. I also love the colors at the tea party, and the Mad Hatter is my favorite :))

    Here is my mad tea party! Meet me in Wonderland!

  29. What a fun party!! So magical. I love all of the fascinating characters who stopped by to visit! My favorite part of Alice in Wonderland was when they were playing Croquet with the flamingos, when I was a kid that just cracked me up! I hope you'll visit my party... it is much smaller though still full of magic.
    Here is a link to my party:

  30. Magical party! Please stop by mine if you can! :)

  31. wonderful treat to see this!! i tried posting once...don't think i did it right!! my fav in the original is alice going down the rabbit hole!!

  32. what a wonderful Tea party ! Thanks for the invite!

  33. What a wonderful tea party! Everything is beautiful, especially your cheshire cat! Thank you for having me for tea.

  34. I love the quotes you selected because they hold such true. Things are only impossible if you believe they are. Like my grandma used to say, "You can do anything you let yourself believe in."

    My favorite scene from Alice is when she is talking with the live flowers. I always felt bad for the daisies, I know, I know they are weeds, but that isn't such a bad thing ;-)

    I'm following.

  35. Positively glorious!!!!!! Perfection really, I am charmed to bits!!! Love every single photo and all the details and magic!! You totally outdid yourself, scrumptious beyond words!!

    Happy Mad Tea Partying!
    ♥ Vanessa {a fanciful twist}

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  37. Beautiful tea party! My favorite part of the book is when Alice falls down the hole.

    I am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me back.

    Thanks for the chance to win your lovely tea cup!

  38. Oh I am so happy that I stumbled across this fantastical tea party. What a Wonderfully Wonderful time I had. I love your outfit. And that dapper pup with the hat. What a charmer. Your table setting was just beautiful and there were so many treats to eat and shrinking and growing has gotten me so very tired indeed.
    Thank you for inviting me, but I am afraid I must be on my way, before I end up sleeping on that lovely green chair.
    By the way The Mad Tea Party scene is my favorite of course, because where there is madness is the only place for me
    ***Please fall in for a Mad Spoonful of Tea over on The Other Side of Wonderland***
    Wishes and Whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland

  39. I really, really loved your party... I especially loved your BIKE! My favorite scene in the movie is when the Cheshire Cat disappears, leaving only his smile... really cool and kind of scary, too!

  40. What a beautiful party, I love all the Monarch butterflies (and your boots:) Thank you for having me over, allthough I was a little late I was happy to see that all mad people are welcome at your place, and my fav part of A in Wonderland ? Where she meets the caterpillar, Love the whole scene and the madness and confused state that doped up -pillar seems to live in. If you have a moment, please hop over to my little feast :)
    xoxoxox Joyce

  41. Your party guests just melted my heart - what beautiful babies.

    I also Love Love Love your golden locks and spotty nail polish!

    Please do visit my party!!

    Lots of sugar and spice and everything nice.
    Queen Creative

  42. Hello...sorry i´m late...but they are so much wonderful Mad Tea Party going around...WOW.
    I love all your wonderful things and i´m happy to be a part of it.
    Have a wonderful day
    Sorry my english is not so good

  43. I came here once before and am back again (although don't remember if I commented, see i am so confused with all these many tea parties and social arrangements, hehe)
    This photo series is charming and fills my daily need for butterflies and sunflowers :D

    Anyway I seem to be running awfully late for some so must dash on....

  44. I had a wonderful time, but I think I did indulge a bit much. So much to see and everything tasted wonderful.
    My favorite scene was the Cheshire cat. I did not find the disappearing cat/grin reappearing scary at all. I think I wished I could make myself be seen and unseen at will.

  45. I loved visiting your tea party!! So magical and whimsical :-)My blog is brand new so I didn't get to have my own tea party, but I really look forward to participating in upcoming events! So many gorgeous blogs to discover, I'll definitely be back!

  46. My favorite scene is the talking flowers! They always fascinated me! Thank you for a tea party where I could spend the rest of my days!!!

  47. I loved this story, especially the dog with the hat and the chesire cat! I also loved Alice's style and her books too :) Thanks for the fun!

  48. I love your mad hatter! So cute! This is a great tea party! i had a marvelous time visiting. thanks for having me.

  49. A beautiful party from decor to treats!! I was enjoying the whole thing....and the guests were cute as can be, too!

    I think my favorite scene would be when she meets the Chesire cat....and the way his smile is the only thing left when he vanishes :D

    Thanks so much for having me!

  50. My favorite seane is the tea party. Happy unbirthday to you. This ia a beautiful tea party.

  51. Sweet pics, fun details...loved the keys, keyhole, polkadot manicue, polkadot light bulb!
    Happy teatime~

  52. my favorite scene? Whooooooo Arrrrrre Youuuuuu?
    Because I love toadstools!

    Thanks for the fun party!

  53. Such a lovely visit. Thank you for sharing! My favorite scene is when the flowers sing All In a Golden Afternoon. :)

  54. What a lovely tea! I love the table you've set and your guests look to be the best kind. Great job! Thank you for inviting me to your tea party!

  55. OMG what an amazingly wonderfully mad tea party you have! I am so thrilled that you invited me after you visited my party...I shudder to think of having missed such a gloriously fun time and to meet the Cheshire cat in person, well! I have become a follower of your blog and my favorite part(s) of the movie/book are the white rabbit because, well, I love bunny rabbits! Thanks for a chance to win your most generous giveaway!
    Beth P

  56. What a lovely party, wonderfully magical!!
    I wish I had all the good stuff to make a magical party! I am starting to collect tea cups since the winter :)

    I like when Alice happens upon the hooka smoking caterpillar and it talks to her in riddles and tells her to eat 1/2 the mushrooms to grow small and 1/2 to grow large.

    I am a follower.
    Thanks for visiting with my mom, daughters and I.


  57. A lovely party thank you! And sorry to be so late! I especially liked your dog, cat and the butterflies in your hair.
    Sarah :)

  58. So magical! I love the table setting and the frame above the table. The "Mad Hatter" is adoGable and the kitty precious. Amazing!

  59. New Follower! This was really wonderful and that was the most handsome Mad Hatter I've seen yet.

    My favourite scene from the Disney Alice? When she sings "Golden Afternoon." It's very sweet and slightly off key. Wonderful!

    Thank you for inviting me!

  60. I have enjoyed your wonderful party! I am sorry I am late for such an important date. My fav scene was of course The Tea Party ! I am following , please enter me in your give away.

  61. Awesome party! I love your fingernails and the butterflies in your hair. The whole event looks incredible.

  62. An lovely party indeed-come have tea with me and gnomes if you get a chance
    Stampinmamas Place

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  64. Oh my goodness! These photos are so adorable. My little daughter wants a mad hatter themed birthday bash and truly your blog has so many ideas that can help me with decoration part. Now I need to book a medium sized event space Chicago. I wonder if you have any ideas!