Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vintage Trailer Rally Weekend

Hello Lovelies!
Hope all is well with you...

We had the most wonderful time at the River Bend, Vintage Trailer Rally in Sweet Home, Oregon this past weekend.

 Oh my goodness, what a fun weekend! 
This is a really long post, so grab a cuppa or two, and enjoy the show!

We met the most wonderful people, and were invited into their "glampers," for a up close and personal view, of the most adorable spaces you could ever imagine.

Here we are, all set up with Jewel,and ready for the weekend.

Mr. Sweetness, came up with this quick awning idea. He fashioned it up with just a few things he happened to have in the back of the truck. A metal pipe, some tie wire,an extra vintage sheet,and some duct tape! That boy amazes me sometimes!He had it all whipped up within 5 minutes. Certainly a make do with what you have moment indeed. 

Our porch light.
Our little outdoor kitchen area..
My Hawaiian Decor! LOL! 
 Jewel was the smallest stand up there, with her whopping 8 feet of cuteness!

Mr.Sweetness, Stevie, made us a wonderful pancake and bacon breakfast on Saturday morning. I love eating outdoors!
 A little morning reading with coffee. My trailer neighbor,Laurie,and new face to face friend, had these wonderful Vintage Trailer books she let me borrow overnight. All, so inspiring. And she was just a doll!
We met through our Etsy shop's, so it was so great to really meet one another for the first time.She was the one who told me about this great group,ROVT, and we ended up being neighbors at the rally. How cool is that? Meant to be, I tell you...
A Bicycle blowing bubbles, what a nice way to start the day!

Here's her beautiful Bellflower. Her Oasis is so adorably cute!
I LOVE her aqua ice chest, well, everything she has really. :)And her hubby Joe was a great guy too!

These are our other across the street,neighbors, and their cute little trailer.

And our other neighbors...

I LOVE her trailer, so adorable!
This weekend, there was a Hawaiian theme going on, can't you tell? This trailer was so cute! And her, and her husband were so sweet.

Love the pink hubcap.
And her front door was a chalkboard, how clever!

Photos of her parents, that was her Dad's little guitar on the wall...

Another fun one, the wood floors were just beautiful.
Flamingo's roasting a gnome, the rotisserie really worked too!
I think this was my favorite...
Loving her pink ice chest and all her pretties displayed on her ironing board.
Little plastic cups with decorative papers, so clever!
Like a little dollhouse inside...
What's not to love? Pink and Paris? Yes!

She even had a little dolled up shop space too!
And A little working train set that went through the ice chest... inside are little trailers being towed around.

This was the prize for King and Queen! Ha! Ha!
Her trailer was adorable too, just look at her little cocktail area all ready to go! 
And her pretty little kitchen.
This little pink Shasta was cute as can be...
And this one, was too cute! 
I love the yellow appliances,and radio, and her draperies were precious!

This Vintage Air-stream was really cool too, 

She has the original 50's sofa in aqua, so cute!
This trailer was awesome, rustic interior, and so well put together.It was my hubby's favorite trailer.
Check out the bathroom door!
And free standing furniture pieces, and lots of fun accessories.

How cool is this stove? He converted it to propane, so it is usable, and they can heat up water and cook on it!

A nice little package...

Loved this original patina on this old Chevy Apache, and his trailer was really neat too with it's custom paint color. Very clean and tidy. 

Nice shoes on this one!

Rustic and Manly...
More fun rides.
Mr. sweetness, picked me some wild daisies growing in a patch on the side of the road for my vase in front of our door. 
I LOVE daisies!
And we saw some wildlife too... Lizards!
He was getting warmed up, on the rocks. It's been so long since we have seen lizards.
Back at camp, we made cotton candy for everyone...
It was a big hit with all the kids, young and old! That cotton candy drew quite a crowd at one point. And look at the colors...
They match! 
I hung them carnival style, from the awning poles, and we later walked around camp and gave the last of them away.
  Oh how fun....
 We had such a ball, and before we knew it, Sunday morning had come, and brought with it, the rain. 
We packed up and left with the fond memories of River Bend, and the new friends we had made,and are looking forward to attending another rally in the future. 

It was a great weekend!

Feel free to leave me a comment, so I can Thank You for your visit today... Until next time, Have a Fabulous week everyone!!!


  1. Susan, that was like eating candy, reading your post and looking at all those lovely pictures. Thank you soooo much for sharing....I'm living vicariously....<3

    1. Thank You Moon Seazon, we had such a fun time, and I didn't even photo half of the magnificent trailers and their owners, I could have used a few more days, but the memories of this weekend will last me a lifetime. Thank You for your visit :)

  2. Those trailers are fantastic! Now that my father is in a nursing home, I have his 16' Scotty travel trailer. It needs to be redone inside. I've been trying to think of something real artsy to do. The photos are a great inspiration!

    1. Bill............get busy and remodel that Scotty! It's a treasure and you'll do a marvelous job! Will be waiting for photos!

    2. Hello Bill,
      Thank You for stopping by, I am thrilled to have given you some inspiration to work on your scotty. Just start, it's a lot of work , but worth it in the end. Just add hard work, and a dash of your personality, and wah -la! Sheer perfection! Best wishes on your restoration, hope you share your progress, would love to hear about it! :)

  3. What a cool and wonderful post! I just delighted in every bit of it . . . daydreaming that someday I might find such a heaven on earth! Sooooo cool!

    1. Thank You Tumble Fish Studio! So thrilled you stopped by for a visit, best wishes to your trailer findings. I found my Jewel on Craigslist, she was posted as a hunters special, and Yes she was. I instantly fell in LOVE with her, and I spent all last summer painting, sewing, and being inspired by her. This was her first time out- and she towed like a dream, say's the hubster. We had a ball! ~Hugs

  4. What a wonderful time you had! Thanks for all the inspiring pictures - I'd love to do this. :-)

    1. Thank You Carmen, I am so happy to share all the fun with you! Thanks for stopping over, and of course you can do this! All it takes is a desire to make it happen. Xo

  5. Well, this was a real treat!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! The pictures are so amazing! I'm going to have to bookmark this page and come back to visit again:)

    1. Thanks Linda, I know huh? So much inspiration to be seen there indeed. And the best part was being able to meet all these wonderful people and hear about where they found their treasures, and what inspired then to decorate all those tiny spaces. Lots of great advice too! Thank You for stopping by :)

  6. Isn't it amazing that those old campers have new lives? Your photos were great.....showing how each one has it's own personality and CUTENESS! And there was even a MAN CAMPER with it's rustic interior.
    COTTON CANDY? wow, now THAT is a treat!
    Ok, Mr. Sweetnesss is WAY too clever with the awning he made you. A keeper, he is!
    Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. I'm sure there will be many more Glamping days ahead of you ~ you've got it down to a science now!

    1. Thanks so much sweetie, We sure packed in a ton of fun in a few short days. I heard from another fellow Glamper, that we made a name for ourselves at our first rally, I guess we were impressive! LOL! It was so much fun, and YES many more for sure. I was so happy just to be a part of the event. Some pretty amazing trailers there. I definitely "have the bug" for more road trips. However, I am, just as happy having her on my side yard to play in too! Thank You for your visit, always a pleasure to hear from you! Xo

  7. Loved this post and photos! Have always wanted one of the smaller trailers. Now I'm inspired to find one!

    1. Thank You Cheryl, so happy you stopped by today! I looked for 3 years on Craigslist before I found Jewel, they are out there, although I have never seen a Diamond Top style like her. I instantly fell in love with her small size, but after this weekend, I want another one too! Something to be said for having a potty. That would be a pretty luxurious item to have out in the woods. :) ~Hugs

  8. Oooh, I love this! I have always wanted my own little caravan and this makes my longing actually seem doable.

    1. Hello Eve,
      It is doable for you! Just look around for one, and if you want something bad enough, it will come to you! I spent the better part of 8 months, re-doing her and scouring the countryside for her decorating pieces. That was a fun adventure in itself, so it isn't anything that just happened overnight. It has been such a fun adventure so far, and looking forward to many more in the future! Xo

  9. Wow It looks like you had a wonderful time!!!!! Love all of those vintage trailers!

    1. Thank You Victoria, it was a wonderful time. So happy you popped by for a visit, and happy to share all the fun with you! Aren't they all just amazing? So awesome to have so many in one place to drool over. ~Hugs

  10. Beautiful - I so enjoyed looking at all the different vintage trailers and their decor. Thanks for the experience - it started out my day with such a smile.

    1. Thanks Lorry! So happy you found my post. There are so many fun decorating ideas within each of these unique trailers. We had a ball!!!

  11. You have done a great job on your trailer she reminds me of cotton candy. I have a little 13 foot Shasta and would like to find people who are like minded . Can you give me ideas I live in so cal. Thanks terry

  12. Hi Susan! I just came across your post while surfing Pinterest! I bought the little pink alarm clock from you at this rally. Your post about River Bend is great, and I was happily surprised to see our little Shasta here with so many other great trailers! We'll be in the same spot this year. I hope to see you again!

  13. This was beautiful!! I totally enjoyed it. Jerry and I didn't get around to see all the trailers like we wanted to. Keep saying each yr. we will make the trip around. You did a marvelous job on this. Loved it. Maybe we will be able to meet you at the next rally. Thanks. Jerry & Linda K..

  14. Oh my! Be still my heart.......someday.
    Thank you for sharing, I just love looking at the little darlings. My day will come, I am sure of it! Your little Jewel is so ADORABLE! Looks like a fun time was had by all!
    Donna A

  15. Hello, we are redoing a 12 1/2 ft to tongue Sunline, and we are lucky enough to have a toilet room. Love your ideas. We redid and sold a 14' GoTagALong, also a gem but needed very light weight for our 4 cyl. tow vehicle. Thanks for the inspirations!