Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wishing You A Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all you Pumpkin Loving Hearts!!!




Witches' hats and harvest moon
Ghosts that dance to a haunted tune,
Apples, goodies, food galore
Halloween has this and more.
Fairies, gnomes, and funny clowns
Watch as I go 'round the town
Cats and Pumpkins, friends to meet
Everyone says "trick or treat"!
Enjoy your celebrations and Have a Fun and Safe Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Latest

Hello Lovelies!
Can you feel it?
Halloween is almost here!!!
It has been far too long since I last posted here on my little blog. So much has happened since we last visited.

Update on the latest...We sold my Dad's house, and are expected to move to our new digs at the end of November. Lots to do... packing, working on the new place.
The home to which we are moving to, is basically hideous. The whole thing needs to be re-done. And lucky for us, we enjoy challenges, so we have excepted the role of renovators and repair-ee's. Pretty much the entire house needs work. Slightly overwhelming... But, I do feel blessed though, that there is a place for us to start our new life.
It is bitter sweet, leaving here. So many fond childhood memories, and happy times with my Dad, have happened under this very roof. But, it is time, and necessary for us to rebuild and transform our lives. I am excited, and also scared, about the possibilities of this new chapter. 
It seems as though the days are running together sometimes, and there is a deadline, so work, work, work, we must.

Despite the fact that we are moving, I did, have to do a little decorating, because after all, this is my FAVORITE time of year. I usually have all kinds of things cooked up for celebrating Halloween by this time, but not this year. Too much going on. So simple celebrations, it is.
And that's ok.
Not a great deal of time for artsies this month either, but I did find the time to participate in Retro Café Art Gallery's Tombstone swap. You make 4 and get 4. These are the one's I made...
I went with a Vintage Vixen's theme this year, and of course, I HAD to have one, of Edgar Allen Poe.

And these are the lovely one's I received from the swap. Aren't they just adorable?
So much fun!
If have not ever visited Retro's page, I suggest you do, so many wonderful things to get your creative juices flowing. Indeed.
It is so dark and foggy here this morning as I write to you... Like the movie Sleepy Hollow. I just love that movie. Pretty much any Halloween movies, especially the one's with the Depster in them. Hee Hee.:)
We'll that's it for now, until next time. Have a lovely Day today. And hope you are inspired by the beauty of this wonderful season.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

South Beach Vintage Trailer Rally

Hello Lovelies!
We had a blast at our Vintage Trailer Rally, this past weekend, in South Beach. 

A charming little State Park campground, nestled along the Oregon Coast in Newport Oregon.

We went with our group called, Rollin' Oldies Vintage Trailers. This was our second time, being part of this wonderful community of fellow trailer-ee's and trailer-ette's.

The weather was not quite as sunny and warm as we had hoped, but it was still a wonderful beach weekend getaway.
And oh my gosh, what adorable trailers!!!

This is a really long post, so, grab a cuppa or two, and here we go! 

Here we are,all glamped up with my Jewel. 
 Our neighbor to the left of us, Wendy,was beside herself, that my Mr. sleeps in here with all this girly fu-fu in my trailer! 

Her Trailer is Wilma, and so adorable! This is the inside.

She had tons of fun, Western memorabilia, so cute!

Look at this little ball of sweetness!

Would you just look at that table, oh wow! Sparkles and all!


Love all that red!

Check out those pink wings!
Loved the screen door in hers.
Very cool.
Great details.

Loved this!

These guys had drinks blending in this vintage mixer, wonder what they were?
Great one!
great colors!
These two, had a plate of fresh,hot,right out of the oven, chocolate chip cookies when we arrived! How awesome is that?
This one was cute!
I have never seen an RV like this before, it purred like a kitten too.

Love all the windows in this one.
I did manage to do a little Antiquing while I was there, and found this great, electric percolator coffee pot for $12!

It matches my canisters. YAY!

And yes, we did watch The Goonies on the DVD player one of the nights. Truth be told, it took me two nights to watch it, cause My eyes were heavy... :)

It was pretty cozy in here at bedtime, us two, and the hound. 
Nothing better than that!
Hope you enjoyed the long post, and thanks for taking the tour.

Feel free to comment below, I always love your visits!

Til next time, 
Take Good Care.