Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A "real" look inside my studio

Hello everyone! Hope your all enjoying the beauty of today!

Recently I posted a picture of my studio in it's clean state, but it wasn't, and isn't always in that shape.

Today, I thought I would show you a "real look" inside my studio. It's easy to only post pictures of the beautiful things, but lets face it, those of us that have our spaces to create in, know first hand how out of control things can become in a hurry.

 I would like to invite you into my world for a real first hand look into my space. So, I am being brave and sharing the "real deal", and a way for you to get to know me better. Better grab a cuppa or two, this is a LONG post....I think you will enjoy it in the end:)

It takes alot of things to bring a project to fruition, and when we are riding our creative wave, it's easy to have piles of things going on, all at once, and It can become a disaster zone in no time!

This is the work table, so many piles.....

Baskets of ribbons and vintage lace, were once organized and neatly stacked, not anymore...

Craziness and clutter everywhere the eye can see!!!!

 Boxes of items to be sorted and priced, I couldn't even move in here without the Jenga effect!

Out of control!!! Soooo, time to get things cleaned up and organized, to free my mind from this cluttered nightmare, and regain clarity and creative momemtum once more. Everything was scattered throughout the entire room, making no sence, no rhyme or reason. MaDnEss!!!

Starting with the work area, things began to get paired with one another, put back into their place and OrGAniZeD!!!

Old film containers and vintage cigar boxes, house and contain each organized grouping of metals,chipboard diecuts,and sparkle stickies,and little collected treasures.

 Off to the side, an organized area for watercolors, and pencils, some brushes and watercolor paper, journals and sketch pads. The vintage metal artillary container is home for all my butterflies. I NEED lots of wings for all my artwork!

This bookshelf corner has now become the shipping area, paints have been organized with canvases, and my clear boxes are filled with stamps and inks,extra paper,and future projects. I like the clear ones, because I can see what's in there. The lockers are great for holding fragile items like lamps for sale in the shoppe, and finished projects for bazzar's and craft shows. Books are organized better now too!
My Halloween area is up year round for inspiration of my favorite holiday...

 This area is now organized better, this vintage industrial sewing machine is one of my favorite things. It ws my dad's, he made his living with this machine. And the vintage lunchbox on the wall, was my Grandfather's. I can just imagine my Grandmother making his lunch every morning, and sending him off for the day. It is home to all " well, some" of my vintage binding tapes and ric-rac packages. Inspiration boards of vintage beauties and collected vintage sewing items.

A little sitting area in the corner,the vintage chair was my hubby's Grandmother's chair. It is in need of refinishing, but that's on the list. Vintage buttons and old keys displayed on the table in bowls and vessels. And all my floral items are together now, making it easier to create hair fancies, and add embellishments to projects. The big metal vase on the wall holds more florals, at least they are in close proximity to eachother now.

My little sewing corner. Fabrics are rolled in baskets, awaiting future projects.... I absolutely love this machine! I bought it for myself as my Birthday present, it's a self threading machine, which is just amazing! So much easier on my little eyes! It also has push button digital stitch selections, which is too fun!

My inspiration board at my work table is filled to the max with things I love, and am inspired by...

And there it is! All clean! While I KNOW I have alot of things in here, it's all my favorite things, a hoarders paradise of creativity and wonderful beginnings. I hope you enjoyed the tour of my studio space. Now you know, it's not going to stay like this for long... LOL!

But that's the fun part, making a creative mess and starting the process all over again! 

 Have a Fabulous Day!!!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Artist Spotlight

Hello everyone,

Your all invited to my interview with Cindy Jones Lantier, where you can get to know be better and see some of my artwork too! Hope to see you there!

Here's a peek at a project I am working on at the moment, this was a really fun one! Get all your supplies together, find a great spot in the yard, and ready, set, go!!!! I started with these game cards, Gesso the surface you don't want to show and let dry.

 Once they are dry, get your acrylic paint ready and cover the surface.

 Having such some fun making art in the summer sun!!! When these are finished, they will be used for  an upcoming project.

Don't you just love this rainbow of colors, it's scrumptious!!!
I finished this process, by adding other elements of interest and positive messages to the cards using Aleen's craft glue.

These are a few of the completed cards.

 I just loved working on this project,layering paint,using stencils and then layering stamps. Finish it off with a good coat of sealer, and Wa La!!!  Great results too! I just Love how they turned out. In person there is so much depth and texture that is hard to capture in a photo. I hope you get a chance to hop over to Cindy's site and see my interview, I would so appreciate it <3 And feel free to leave me a comment, so I know that you stopped by! I absolutely love hearing form you!!!!

Until next time ..... Happy Creating and Have a Magnificent Day !

 I know great things are going to happen:)


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Progress on the Little Jewel Box

Hello again lovelies. Just wanted to do a quick post today, and share some of the progress being made on The Jewel Box. Seems like since I got her a few weeks ago, she has been my full time muse.  Here's a few pics of the progress so far...

This is what my dining room table has become off and on this week, a cutting table for making pillows and laying out fabric for curtains to be sewn.While I love working with fabrics and sewing, I can only do one thing for so many days, maybe (I have attention deficit) LOL! And then I have to change it up, so I worked on a 12 x 12 canvas that was calling to me in my head during that super creative time, between sleep and awake...

I purchased this tiny crystal chandelier, years ago from a thrift store for a few dollars, and have had it stashed away in a box. I thought it would make a great little addition to the space. The finish of this little lamp is covered in 24 carat gold, which I'm not a huge fan of gold anyway, and I thought maybe I could paint it, but my husband said "you can't paint over that, it's gold!" So we came up with this idea of covering it with my french inspired paper tape and secured it with glue, and I'm just thrilled with how it turned out!!!

I got a few more pillows made for the benches... seems like I have been making pillows for days and days......It has been fun to go through my fabric stash to come up with these combinations.

Here are a few more pillows I made on the other side, I had these needle point rug samples that my friend gave me years ago, that I turned into pillows and added some vintage lace to the edges.

Some sparkle over the dining room table... I haven't hung the canvas yet, I'm waiting until I get a grouping that I like before I mount it permanently.

I had to put one of my most cherished possession's in here, a floral oil painting from the the 1800's that I mounted with command strips over this ugly cupboard, so that it won't cause any damage and stay on securely when were on the move...

Pulls and shelf liner for the drawers to be installed still. I had these canisters that didn't sell in my shop, so guess where there new home is going to be? I think they will be perfect in here. Steve can't wait until I fill up the one with cookies for midnight munchies under the stars...

Hope you enjoyed the tour, still lots to do!!!  I cant wait to show you what comes next!!!

Wishing you all a Fabulous Day today... and don't forget to leave me a comment in the box, I just LOVE hearing from you all!!!

~Susan xo

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Little Gypsy Jewel Box

Hello everyone! I have some super exciting news that I'd love to share with you all today!!!!

 I have had a dream of owning my very own little vintage trailer for several years now. Something about a little glammed up camper has held such intrigue and magic for me. A sweet little mobile home away from home that we can travel in and go where ever the stars take us, filled with yumminess and wonder,a dreamlike place to call my own....

And finally I have one! We got my little jewel box on Wednesday of last week, and what a transformation that has taken place so far.... Shes only 12 feet long, and she's a Diamond Top.

This is her when we brought her home. She has some slight imperfections, but I love that about her. I mean don't we all?

The entry way and part of the kitchen... How about that Gold and Brown??? YUK! But I could look past all that, and see my vision of what she could become.

The dining room/bedroom area.

The tiny little kitchen area. Gotta love those pho-wood drawers and that apple wallpaper back splash! NOT!

A quick shot of inspiration, so you don't become board :) Love the Aqua!!!!

Time to get dirty!!! Stripped out all the appliances, filled holes with Spackle and getting to work on making this baby shine...

A Fresh new coat of white paint to brighten her spirit and bring in some light will do the trick!

 The wheels before my Hubby Steve is going to work his magic on them. Pretty huh? NOT. The hub caps are amazing! They came off an old T-bird and will be perfect for our project. That's another dream of mine... an old T-bird two tone paint, convertible, purring motor... OK, OK, FOCUSING AGAIN.
Wait til you see how they turn out a bit later in the post!
OK are you ready???? Here's what she's looking like now after 1 week!!!!

I absolutely love the new appliance colors AQUA!!! And the back splash is just to die for. I was going to paint it white, but I really like the silver. I brings in another element of design and has some reflective quality, bringing more light to this very tiny space.I think it will tie in well with doing just a low pile gray industrial carpet for now. Eventually I would like to do a hardwood floor, but for the quickness sake, I think it might just be inexpensive carpet for now, that way, we can GET OUT THERE under the stars sooner!

I've been feverishly making curtains,slipcover's and pillows for my little camper. Still have lots to do, but couldn't resist showing you the beginning stages of this project. I found this perfect vinatge table cloth at my local thrift for $3.99 ! Score!!! I so LoVe it!!!
My sweet baby violet seems to enjoy what's becoming my little jewel box...

We added lots of crown molding to help raise the ceiling a bit. It's only 6 ft high inside, and about 68 sq. feet total including all the built-In's. Very tiny and cozy cozy cozy. I'm hoping that I can work out those spots on the counter top with some deeeeep scrubbing, bleach, and a magic eraser, if not, I'm sure I have a trinket or pretty I can hide it with! LOL!

Here's a shot of that wheel you saw before earlier in the post NOW! Isn't it just the cutest ever!!! My Stevie's just amazing with what he can do with a day of sanding, tape and paint!!!! Love that man! He doesn't even mind the pink, because he knows I love it, so he loves it. Gushy Gushy Gushy....

We are planning to paint out the black with the aqua, when the weather cooperates here in Oregon. It can't decide if it's June or Juneuary, still pretty rainy and cold. Makes it fun for painting, but us Oregonian's just put on our big girl panties and do the best you can... right?

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour so far... I gotta get crakcin' on making pillows today. I did pick up some white dingle-balls from the fabric store last night that I'm pretty excited about. I mean, what's a vintage trailer without dingle- balls?!?

I can't wait to show you more as the progression happens. So stay tuned for more FUN!!!  I'd love to hear your comments too, so drop me a line in the box below, Until then....

Have a Fabulous Day!!!!

~ Susan xoxo