Saturday, April 27, 2013

This weeks happenings

Hello Lovelies~

Hope you have all had a wonderful week!
I have been a bit under the weather this week. Not to mention a full moon, weird thoughts, and having some difficulties with my balance. Literally, vertigo. I have had a horrible toothache all week long. It's one of those wisdom tooth things, I think it's pushing on some sort of nerve in there, making it really fun for me.
But I am trying my best, and taking some healing time and resting up, more so than usual. I don't know why I find it so difficult to rest, I guess I feel guilty for not getting more accomplished. Do you feel that way too? It's madness, I tell you. 

Other than that, the weather is just beautiful here. 70's and warm, the perfect temperature for just sitting and relaxing... 


The little purple bell flowers are blooming nicely, I just love these! And so does my Garden Fairy. He seems so content this time of year.

I am still working on my pillows, seems like I have been saying that for too long now... But I am making great strides. They are so much fun to make. With the warmer weather we have had this week,I have found myself outside stitching under a blue sky, while the birds are singing. Quite lovely.

I went treasure hunting the other day and found this beautiful pale yellow Vintage Ginny's comforter. It's just so lush and soft...
All washed up and getting cut up for more pillows!!!

Found these great old clocks, and a mirrored tray too. My clever hubby, wound them all up last night, and with the two ticking clocks I have in my living room, it sounded like a clock shop in here last night, with 5 clocks all ticking and different times. lol! 

A bit much, considering we are in about a 50 sq. foot living room! Geez. I will not do that again, and was thankful to get them photographed for my etsy shop, and stored away this morning. 

The pink clock is fabulous though... can't keep it... must sell it. Ha!

And these! Ohhh I squealed, when I saw them. TEACUP Measuring cups! Adorable, and in that same soft yellow color too! These, I may have to keep. Ha! At least for awhile... I can think of all kinds of photos for these cuties.

A vintage pink wastebasket, so sweet!

And a great aluminum sifter. I have not seen any before that have this great yellow stripe. Different, and fun for any vintage kitchen, or trailer.

Can you tell, there was a theme that day... Pink and Yellow. Happy colors!

Speaking of Happy, I did get some beautiful Happy Mail this week, from my ARTchix ATC swap... Aren't these fabulous!!!

I LOVE them all!!! Niki our Hostess, outdid herself, wrapping everything in all these fun blues, and added lots of fun goodies too! If you ever get the chance to join an ARTchix swap,they are just the best! Helga has so many creative and inspiring papers, and fun themes to choose from. 


Well, that's all my happenings this week, back to the studio for more fun and inspiration.

Feel free to leave me a Hello in the comments box below.I always look forward to your visits. 
And until next time... Happy Creating!!!
~Susan Xo

Thursday, April 18, 2013

One Fine Day

Hello Lovelies!
Hope you are all doing fabulous today...
Last week I received a call from my sweet Mama, and she let me know, that the Lilac's were blooming again!  For several years now,this has always been  such a joyous occasion,  and a wonderful reason for a road trip. So we set out for our adventure, last Saturday morning.

Whenever we travel to my home town, we usually start with a stop at Cascade Locks, to a great little drive through, called the East Wind Drive -Thru. It's a little town, in the Columbia River Gorge. A great little place for a quick lunch on the road.
 It's the only one in town, and it appears it will be the only one ever in town. The Gorge commission has banned any drive thru's from being allowed, as to preserve the natural history, and scenic preserve. Lucky for us, as they have to most wonderful milkshakes and the best BLT's,  I have ever ate. 

We always head down to the Marina, on the Columbia River, and have a little scenic lunchtime treat.

This day, they were have some type of races, or training in these little sailboats. It was fun to watch.


I love that little aqua sailboat at the far right! How cute! 
As you can see, very stormy and low clouds... That's Oregon.

And a bronze cougar leaping from a mossy rock, we didn't share our lunch with him though.

Taken from the Highway, as we get closer, the clouds part and the big blue sky opens up. A very welcome sight. The Columbia River Gorge is such a beautiful place, and the new leaves are such a bright lime green. So nice to have life again. We have so many months of barren trees,low clouds, and rain. I love springtime!

We were also excited, this trip, because the cherries are in full bloom. 
We wanted to try and get some shots of these lovely trees and ended up finding some pretty great views, and miles and miles of blooming trees.

Ahhh... Aren't they beautiful? 
Bet there are a lot of Happy Bees!!!

We came across this old barn at the end of a dead end road, and of course my mind raced with the possibilities that could be created with all that wonderful aged wood. I had to remind myself, this was a sight seeing trip. 

Then as we circled the back, I saw it! 
This was painted on the door. I couldn't help but chuckle. 
Well, good for Gary and Curtis, we all need someone right?

Cherries have always been big business in town, there are so many of these tiny cottages out in the country, that were used for the migrant workers to stay in, and work,work,work. 

These of course, are not in working order anymore, but you could imagine what life must have been like, living in these type of conditions, when these were in their prime.

From the looks on the inside, not much more room,than a place to sleep and some small counter space for preparing a meal possibly? 
That chippy paint on those old planks had my mind wandering again with possibilities...

As we traveled on, we took a road that lead down into a valley, and this is what we saw...

Can you see it?

A hot pink barn! 
How adorable! 
Oh, the fun I could have in there!

I felt so blessed to take in all this beauty...  It was glorious.
I was hoping to get some photos of some horses, or cows, but they were all too far away, hanging out under the shade trees.
As we headed back to town, for some treasure hunting at my favorite haunts, we drove past the church, and saw this guy all 
beautified up, for a wedding. As I stopped to snap a photo, turns out it, was our old friend's brother, that was getting married that day. That's the thing about growing up in a small town, you always come across someone that you know. :)

I had to take his sons photo too, how cute is he? 
He was the ring bearer for their ceremony.

Back to Mom's, to take her to dinner, and gather up a bag full of beautiful Lilacs to take home.



Time for some food, and an Ice cold beer. Perfect... 
I took several of these home, and had them for dinner the next day,  with the soup we got to go. It's a most delicious seafood bisque. We sometimes drive 180 miles round trip just for this soup, and home made bread! So, it was a nice treat to have dinner already planned out after work the next day.

My sweet Mama. 

It was a nice visit, and a busy day indeed, but what a fine day it was....

The next day after work, I arranged all my lilacs, and unloaded my finds from the day.

My favorite find, was this fabulous aqua metal ironing board, that I plan to keep for Jewel.It was a steal @$1.99! And Halloween is just around the corner,right? So I had to get the Ouija Board. And this tray and coaster set, was absolutely adorable too!!! Oh OK,  I will probably hoard all the linens too, I am such a sucker for linens. Ha!

Hope you have a wonderful week, and don't forget to drop me a hello in the comments.

~Susan Xo

Friday, April 5, 2013

Having Some Fun

Hello Lovelies!

This week I am feeling so much better, a bit more me time.
 I love "me" time.

It's always fun to play!!!

My sweet Mr., painted me some new lovely aqua stripes on my Jewel for Easter, and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!

It is sometimes amazing, how one little thing, can spark a new idea for something creative. I was so inspired by the new aqua stripes, that I decided to create a pillow for my little Jewel this past week.

And with that one idea, I was contacted to start a line of these pillows, for a posh boutique in sunny California!!! How exciting!  So... now I am sewing up tons of these, in all different color palettes.  

They will all be Handmade, and one of a kind, and will have a touch of Vintage flair to each one.
Super exciting! 

Perfect for the Glamper in all of us!

I have also been busy making plans for my daughter's baby shower this weekend, which I am super excited about! 

It will be nice to visit family that I haven't seen for far too long. And so wonderful getting together, and catching up with everyone.

I got to visit with my daughter Alicia, for awhile yesterday, it was so nice. 

Oh, and her baby bump is ADORABLE!

She is due in June, and we could not be more excited to be Grandparents!!!

 It's been so much fun, and challenging, collecting baby stuff for the past few months. 

The challenging part, is that we still don't know yet, on the boy or girl. It's difficult to find neutrals, when there are some many cute things geared towards one or the other. 

But, still having a ball, oohing and awwing.

Grandpa to be, is excited too! He is hoping for a new racing buddy, and picked these up the other day from a friend of ours.

He's planning to restore the old Mercury, complete with custom paint for a boy or girl.


So darn cute!

So... it will be a surprise either way. 

We do know one thing for sure, that baby Kai or Shaylyn will be welcomed with open arms and open hearts. 

Have a great weekend !

~Susan Xo