Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Making time for Tea

Hello Lovelies!
We took a little weekend trip to my home town this past weekend, sort of a working getaway. Mr. Sweetness had a job to do, so me and Kaia hitched a ride, and had a fun little visit with my sweet mama and niece. This was our first overnight away with little Mae. It was nice to see some aunties and cousins that were able to meet her for the first time. It was short, but oh so sweet.
We made sure to take some time to visit this wonderful, little darling tea house, for an afternoon tea party. It was so much fun!
 The home was built in 1867.
So charming and sweet.

As we entered the tea house, we were greeted by lovely tables draped in vintage linens, and several sweet little touches, that had been placed upon each table.


Many of the pretties in the tea house were for sale.
I was rather fond of this tea pot with the bird on it, and it's matching teacup, however I resisted the temptation that day. I need another tea pot, like I need another... well, you know.
 You get to pick out which tea cup and saucer you would like to use... so many to choose from!
 There was an adorable little child's tin tea set, I just love these old sets!
After taking a little walk around to get some shots, it was time to select our hats.
 Kaia was not to sure about wearing these silly hats, however she did get a giggle watching us wear ours.
Look at this amazing little wash stand I spied in the powder room. Isn't it adorable!
 Even a sweet vintage hamper.

 The owners were kind enough to let me snap a shot of their amazing kitchen. My niece just adores this tea house, she says to me... "You have to see the kitchen, it's like an apothecary's kitchen."
She is in love with this place.
The owners said she is their best customer.
 Sweet little display cabinet, filled with pretties...
 Our water was served to us in vintage metal cups. My Grandmother had a set of these cups, I remember all of us Grandchildren racing to get the blue cup.
It was always the special cup to have.
 Homemade cookies, and chocolate dipped strawberries...
 Delicate and delicious mini Quiche's. The crust was so flaky and light.
 Chicken salad, and cucumber sandwiches.
Lemon scones with Devonshire cream.
It was all so delicious! We chose a chai vanilla tea that was so creamy and sweet.
A perfect accompaniment to all of the scrumptious samplings.
We had such a wonderful time.
Even though it was a short visit, we made sure to take some time for tea, and enjoy one another's company.
We definitely went to bed with sweet dreams that night.
~Susan Xo

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kaia Mae's First Birthday

Hello Lovelies!
It's been awhile since I last blogged... how is it, that time go so fast?
Speaking if fast... Little Kaia Mae turned 1 at the end of May. May 31st!

What fun we had!
Gosh, seems like she was just making her debut into the world, and now she is 1 year old. Lots of fun planning this past month, making things, and getting ready for her party.

She made a good haul on all sorts of lovely things. As a matter of fact, I am still putting together and assembling all the little cars, and walker type toys. :)

I don't know why it is, that I think, I HAVE to do all these things EVERY time. I think I have a disorder, ha! I get a little OCD about it all. Maybe it's the creative in me? Haven't tried to figure it out, it is just who I am I guess.
I made her a little rag doll,(Which she adores) that made G-ma happy.
 Her headband, shirt and tutu for her special day.
Also included to the list: Pom Poms, garlands, took on a chalkboard repurposing project, and ordered these amazing edible butterflies for her cake from Etsy, and ordered her an adorable little aqua lace romper.

  The Chalk Board project...

 I absolutely love how she dove right in for her first bite!

I even made Tonka, a little hat and tie for the event.
Isn't he just handsome?
Such fun!
Little Kaia Mae Fae...

 And Flower and bee topped sweets...
Single serve Peach Parfaits, with Homemade whipped cream...

It was a wonderful day to remember.
The only thing I wish I had done differently, was have someone take photo's while we were doing this and that.
I didn't get enough pictures, and that I am saddened by. I am used to having tons to choose from.
And we had such delicious food... Asian style picnic noodles, eggrolls, and Kebabs.
A beautiful glass dispenser I bought just for the occasion, with sweet tea and sliced lemons.
Vintage Laces and linen lined tables...
Fresh Flowers...
It was all so very lovely.

But the one's we did get, say it all.
So... I can live with that. :)

Happy Birthday, Grandma's little angel.
 She has my heart, my whole heart.
I never knew of a love like we have, it's such a precious gift.

Hugs to you, until next time.
Take good care.
~Susan Xo