Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Creative Days

Hello Lovelies!
Hope all is well with you.
This past week, I have been working some extra days at the day job, 4 days this past week. And cramming in lots of art too. Seems I am making full use of my "extra" time. Ha!
Finishing up some details on this first batch of the Halloween witchy-poo's and crows.
They have received great reviews so far... That makes me happy :)

With faces like these, what's not to love?
Even though they are the same, they each have a unique personality.
Don't you think?
Funny how it worked out that way.

A few more witches too..

Ms. Witchy, brewing up a batch of slug Juice...
And Ms. Spell caster.
These can be found in my shop HERE
And a few custom orders for my wonderful customers in my Etsy shop.
A trio of Frozen Charlotte ornaments.
She plans to adorn a white feathered tree with these, this holiday.
Oh my gosh, I cannot wait to see!!!
These are the second set of three, that I have made for her. That tree is going to be beautiful!
 And adding the finishing touches on a custom fairy crown for another lovely customer of mine.
It is turning out sooo pretty!
Just a few more pieces to add.
I will share the finished piece, when it all comes together.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!
 I'm heading back to the studio to finish up a few things, and have some BIG idea's brewing, for something new and super cool!!!Can't wait to share.
Best Wishes,

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Hello Lovelies!
Hope you have all had a wonderful week!
Time, she is a flying by, don't you think so too?
August already.
Gosh, well I am embracing these warm days while they last, too soon, the rains, grey skies and coldness will return, And I am not ready for that yet.
Been working on a few Halloween inspired pieces this past week, and trying to embrace the colors of fall.
A Trio of wicked little sisters...
 Finished up a piece on 6 x 9 canvas, that I had started a while back. I like how she turned out.
She is made of paper, flowers,glitter, and beads.
Lots of texture in this one. Layers and layers!
Some little witchy-poo display pieces for your mantle,or table.
I was rather still in faerie mode, as I started these.
My Mr. Sweetness has been calling them "Fritches" as they are both, witches and faeries!
Not sure about that name though.
These are both available for purchase in my Etsy shop.
I will be adding more Halloween goodies,as I get them made.

Love the stern expression on this sister's face.
She's a real no-nonsense type of gal. Would hate to see what type of spell she could cast, if you crossed her!

And the other sister, means business too.

 This little sister is mischievous and silly, she likes to make things grow, and doesn't care much for the wicked, or mean spells.
Not exactly sure yet where they will find their place, but that to, shall come I suppose.
Oh and I wanted to share, that I received my BEAUTIFUL earrings from eltsamp's, A Pink Dreamer today, and I cannot wait to wear them.
I absolutely LOVE them!
Here's a link to her shop HERE.
And her HER BLOG too!
Wishing you lots of creativity...
Better get back to the studio and create some more magic!