Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A little Spring Cleaning

Hello Lovelies!
Hope all is well on your end, things are good here. Getting better every day. Our weather has been absolutely lovely. Spring has come early this year for us here in Oregon. Really early, and I am not complaining a bit. I am sorry if many of you are still freezing.

Blooms ready to burst open, and little petals are falling all around, covering the ground like snow. So welcoming.
I have been getting to take a little more time for myself lately. Working on a bit more art, and trying to embrace my creativity.
I started thinking about the word creativity. It not only means just making pretty things, although I would love to spend my days doing so.
You can be creative in so many ways... In cooking a meal for your family, dressing a table, re decorating a little area in your home, all kinds of ways. I think Creativity was the perfect word for me this year.
This past week, I have been spending a bit more time in the studio. I took some photos of my space, and realized that after looking at it through the lens of the camera, things were looking a bit unruly. And I needed to clean up, organize, and clear out some clutter.
Treasure chests bursting from fullness...
 Piles of shinny's strewn about....
A total Mess!
So, with that in mind I decided I would try to get a bit more organized.
But in order to get organized, I needed to get a few things.I picked up some vintage jewelry boxes at the thrift store for just a few dollars, and what a difference that made.

I love the little boxes too! Vintage, velvety and pretty. No more digging, everything is separated and easy to see.
A new little rolling cart for paints, glue's and whatnots. I asked my Mr.for the rolling cart from IKEA for my Valentine's Day Present. Isn't he just the sweetest! I mean what girl wants an industrial cart instead of roses?
 It's perfect!
It's nice to have all these things off my work table, and easy to get to. 
 Bookshelves organized by color, much more pleasing to the eye.



 I hung a rusty frame from a Model A Car seat back, to clip things to. I did seal it with a sealer so it doesn't flake off everywhere.
 Pretty little things...

Jars of Buttons and frozen Charlottes...

A clutter free,clean work table, I haven't seen that for a while.
I hung a variety of little stars from the lights on the ladder above my desk. Sometimes when I am drying a project with the blow dryer, I point it at the stars so they can dance around and sparkle. I love that.
Mr. sweetness bought me the paper butterfly lantern on a trip we took last fall to the beach. I adore this too.
 A fun new bright orange rug for a little pop of color. I love this too.
 I hung a paper parasol on the ceiling, I have one more that I need to hang too. I have had these for years. I love the butterflies on them of course. 
 A little more work to do, but it's coming along. After I was finished cleaning, THE little voice in my head said: "HURRY TAKE THE PICTURE, FOR IT WILL ONLY BE HERE FOR A SHORT TIME!!!"
You know and I know, this clean space won't last for long. But dirty or clean, this space holds all the things that are most precious to me, it is my most sacred space, and I feel blessed to have it.
It does feel better, and hopefully it will allow me to spend my time in here more constructively instead of fumbling around and digging for things I can't find.
 Wishing you a Creative Day...
 Love to hear from you below if you have the time.
 Take care,
~Susan Xo