Monday, July 27, 2015

Beach Bummin'

Good Morning Lovelies!
Hope your enjoying your summer.
It has been so warm and dry here in Portland Oregon this year. 
Pretty unusual for us, we usually get some rainy days, but this year has been exceptionally dry. It rained this past weekend and I never thought I would ever say it. 

But... I missed the rain. 

It hasn't rained here since the last week in April. So refreshing, and the smell... just lovely. 

We have been beating the heat around here the past few weeks with some little escapes to the beach.

Oh how I love the beach.

Mr. sweetness had some work to do at the coast, so we had a nice little working mini vacation. 
I packed up a little bag of stitchery to keep me occupied, just in case I needed something to do. 

While he worked at this neat little camp ground repairing some concrete walls, I stitched trailer pillows and explored some of the grounds.
This little secret is nestled in a beautiful location just 5 miles north of Lincoln City, Oregon.

They had a large country store. Really charming.

Ponds with blooming lilies...

Little angler shops nestled along side the Siletz river.
You can rent boats and Kayak's during the day. We don't really fish, but they did say you could also rent crab pots.That sounded pretty good.
 However, we didn't have much time for that this trip.Maybe next time.

As I continued along the river I came across a 
Beautiful walking trail that seemed to whisper to me to step inside.

 Just absolutely beautiful

Wild Daisies blooming all over the grounds

Mother nature provided me with some sweet natural nourishment along the way.
 Once through the trees, the trail opens up into a large meadow. 
Such wonderful sounds I heard, rustling grasses blowing in the wind, and so many bird songs, I felt as if I was transported into another world.

Cat tails bursting open to spread their seeds and begin again.

At the end of the trail I came across a little goat. 
I wanted to give him a pet, but he wasn't having any of that.
Still, he was a pretty handsome guy even with his attitude. At least he was willing to let me take his picture. It was really a great weekend. I can't wait to go back and see what else I can find.
Hope you enjoyed the adventure and wishing you all a wonderful day!
Best to you,

Friday, July 10, 2015

Mad Hatter's Tea Party 2015 Blog Hop

One summer day when the weather was very hot, Alice rested underneath a shade tree. 
"I'm just so tired she thought."
There was a slight breeze blowing through the air as she managed to get comfortable, and seemed to drift off into a magical place...

Suddenly she was in a strange new world.
She saw a rabbit running past her yelling "I'm late! I'm late for a very important date!" 
There were all these strange watches around him.

Alice ran after him, and shouted, "Where are you going?" He did not answer. She caught him just in time to see him jump through a large rabbit hole and vanished.
Without thinking she followed him. She tumbled and fell farther into the hole.

Once she reached the bottom, she noticed something peculiar.
She was in a room with a tiny door that had a talking doorknob.
"You're much too big, my dear. Why don't you try the bottle on the table?"

Alice put the bottle to her lips and drank the whole bottle.
"What a strange feeling!" said Alice.

She noticed that she had become so tiny. 
"Now I can fit through the door" she thought. But she had left the key on the table.
Being so small she had to climb up the leg of the table. It was so slippery. Just then she noticed a small cake under the table that said "Eat Me."
It was really tasty!
Now she was growing sooooo tall! 
"Oh now I'll never get out."She sobbed.
Just then she noticed a few drops that were left in the bottom of the bottle and drank them down.
Now she could fit through the keyhole.
Alice was happy to be out of that tiny room. Even though she was so small, she had to find her way. It seemed as if she was in a giant forest. And she had no idea where she was. 
"I guess I'll have to find the white rabbit." Said Alice.
"What a curious place!" 

 There were bread and butterflies, and the strangest talking flowers!

 She walked a little further and came across a blue Caterpillar sitting on top of a mushroom and quietly smoking a pipe.

"WHO ARE YOU?" he asked.
"I hardly know, sir. I've changed so many times since this morning, you see."
"I DO NOT SEE." said the annoyed caterpillar.
"I should like to be a little larger she told him.
The caterpillar quickly turned into a butterfly and flew away.

There was no one else in sight, but she could hear singing. She saw two large eyes...

And then the body of a cat. 
"Why you're a cat!" exclaimed Alice. "A Cheshire Cat." exclaimed the creature.
"Would you please tell me which way to go?" asked Alice.

"That depends on where you want to go." said the cat. Then he disappeared.
"How curious, said Alice as she continued walking.
 Soon she came to a clearing. A big table was set for an afternoon tea.

 There was a table all set up with a large pot a tea and several tea cups.

 Lots of treats and special goodies spilled from every dish.

The tea poured and poured, it was delicious!
All though this was the most wonderful tea party, she needed to go and find the white rabbit.

 The Mad Hatter and the white hare were so busy laughing at their own jokes, they didn't even notice her leaving.

Alice continued walking through the forest, but wasn't sure of where to go, There were so many confusing signs.
It didn't take her long, when she walked into a beautiful garden with tall hedges and roses all around.She heard the gardener's yelling "THE QUEEN THE QUEEN!"

The queen stopped and stared at Alice. "Who is this?"
"I'm trying to find my way home." said Alice. 
The queen asked her if she played croquet and was pleased to hear that she played a little.
They started to play, and just then the Cheshire cat appeared as he does, and made the queen topple over to the ground. She was so angry she blamed Alice and yelled: 


Alice so frightened,ran and ran until she could just hear the faintest of the queen's threatening words. The voices were getting quieter and quieter...

 Then she suddenly woke up. 

"Oh my goodness, what a strange dream Iv'e had." 

I shall always remember this strange and fascinating place called wonderland.

I hope you enjoyed the party. I had so much fun too!!!
Here's the link CLICK HERE to head over to our fabulous hostess Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist.
I can't wait to visit all the wonderful madness today!
Take Care and have fun,