Thursday, May 31, 2012

Artsy Bits

Hello everyone! Happy Day to You today! I thought I'd share just a few quick Artsy Bits with you today...

I have such Exciting News to share with you,that I'm just almost ready to burst!!! Happy Happy Happy!!!

But..... I'm not quite to point of completion with this new project I'm involved with, so that news is just going to have to wait for a bit longer... OK  I'll give one "hint" ...  Gypsy Traveler!!!!! OMG!!!!

Ok here's some fun bits to tide you over until the reveal.

A fun little Hang Tag piece I created from my lovely goodies from ARTchix Studios. I love the nudes, however I gave her a little glitter top and a rhinestone for some bling. I love Oranges, I guess it because I came into this beautiful world in the fall. :)

Some fun ATC's I did for a "Mellow Yellow" Flygirls ATC Swap.
I created a book cover front for the one on the left,and I just love how it turned out.

Here's a couple more for the swap. It's customary to create 4 ATC's 3 to share with other Artists and 1 for the Hostess. It's also fun to send along some extra goodies for the hostess too!

Hope you enjoyed the post today, and please feel free to leave me a comment, so that I know you stopped by.

Have a Beautiful Day, and I can't wait to share what's coming next!!!!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Mail

Hello there! Hope everyone is doing well today, I've been super busy the last few weeks creating and  meeting deadlines on some of the swaps I have been involved with. I just adore these swaps, to send and receive art mail has got to be one of the best things ever!

 Makes you so excited to receive a letter knowing it contains something beautiful inside, that happiness that fills your soul with joy in the anticipation of wonder. The thrill of carefully tearing it open to find the beauty awaiting you. Something created just for you from amazingly talented artists that share the same dreams of color, as you do...

What a thrill you get, from holding in your hands, a work of art that has been created for you to keep and cherish in your heart forever....

Love Love Love xoxo

This beautiful came came to me via Kelly Hoerning... Super talented teacher and artist, you can find her here:

These little fun ones are from an EVENTS swap that came via Denise Phillips, love all Denise's art, she is the ATC Master! You can find her at:
 for fun challenges and fabulous prizes!

This little goodielicious package came to me via:
I love all Helga's bits and bobs at her shop, sooo fun!

More Goodies via Denise Phillips.

 I especially love how she handmade the little individual envelopes for each of her cards :)

Look at all these beautiful cards I have to cherish... And More are on the way!

Until next time... Have a Beautiful Day!

If you would like to leave a comment so I know you stopped by, I would greatly appreciate it... xoxo


Monday, May 14, 2012

Loving my Lilacs

My favorite time of year is when the Lilac's reach their full bloom and bring forth an enticing aroma that I love to fill my house with... My mother recently brought me a whole bushel of Lilac's from her home in Eastern Oregon. It's become a tradition, not only for the Lilac's, but a great reason for us to get together for a visit.

This Year I was able to fill several vases and vessels with my favorites....

A Beautiful morning tea...

All of them put together ready to place in every room in my house...

I couldn't resist taking a few outdoor shots of these beauties...

So pretty the way the light hits the vintage glass jars...

If I'm ever having a bad day,or when ever things are upside down, It's the one little simple thing I can do for myself that always adds some happiness to my day... Fresh Flowers for Happiness...Try It!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Customer Appreciation

Hello everyone, a beautiful sunny day here in Portland Oregon today! Ran errands this morning, some "light" weeding and now I'm here talking to all of you beautiful people!

Lots on the list today, but I wanted to send a Shout Out to a wonderful customer of mine, Julie K. from the Sunny state of Florida.

She recently purchased a vintage Dollie from me on my Etsy shop site, and sent me some pictures of her AMAZING  transformation. You guys are just going to flip when you see them.. Ready?...

These are her before photo's, I found her in a bunch of discarded items, under piles of stuff. She was made in the 40's, and someone played with her to pieces, she was in really sad shape. She had her original dress,and her body was all there, but in pretty rough condition.

 When I found her, I knew I had to rescue her, am I'm so glad I did, because Julie purchased her and wait til you see what she looks like now...


Julie is a miracle worker, and has restored her back to her original condition! It just warms my heart to think that she now has a new face and someone who truly took the time to love her again. Julie is planning on repairing her body and keeping her original dress. She has her on EBay under jakzjewelz if anybody is interested in taking her home, I hope she gets a beautiful new life!

Have a Beautiful Day!
~Susan/ Flutter Before You