Tuesday, September 17, 2013

South Beach Vintage Trailer Rally

Hello Lovelies!
We had a blast at our Vintage Trailer Rally, this past weekend, in South Beach. 

A charming little State Park campground, nestled along the Oregon Coast in Newport Oregon.

We went with our group called, Rollin' Oldies Vintage Trailers. This was our second time, being part of this wonderful community of fellow trailer-ee's and trailer-ette's.

The weather was not quite as sunny and warm as we had hoped, but it was still a wonderful beach weekend getaway.
And oh my gosh, what adorable trailers!!!

This is a really long post, so, grab a cuppa or two, and here we go! 

Here we are,all glamped up with my Jewel. 
 Our neighbor to the left of us, Wendy,was beside herself, that my Mr. sleeps in here with all this girly fu-fu in my trailer! 

Her Trailer is Wilma, and so adorable! This is the inside.

She had tons of fun, Western memorabilia, so cute!

Look at this little ball of sweetness!

Would you just look at that table, oh wow! Sparkles and all!


Love all that red!

Check out those pink wings!
Loved the screen door in hers.
Very cool.
Great details.

Loved this!

These guys had drinks blending in this vintage mixer, wonder what they were?
Great one!
great colors!
These two, had a plate of fresh,hot,right out of the oven, chocolate chip cookies when we arrived! How awesome is that?
This one was cute!
I have never seen an RV like this before, it purred like a kitten too.

Love all the windows in this one.
I did manage to do a little Antiquing while I was there, and found this great, electric percolator coffee pot for $12!

It matches my canisters. YAY!

And yes, we did watch The Goonies on the DVD player one of the nights. Truth be told, it took me two nights to watch it, cause My eyes were heavy... :)

It was pretty cozy in here at bedtime, us two, and the hound. 
Nothing better than that!
Hope you enjoyed the long post, and thanks for taking the tour.

Feel free to comment below, I always love your visits!

Til next time, 
Take Good Care.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Something Different

Hello Lovelies!
Just wanted to share a quick post with you today, on something artsy and new.
I haven't had a tremendous amount of art time this week, but a little is better than none at all.
I was craving to do something a little different, so as I sat there in the studio going through some stashed supplies, it came to me.
A little art doll.
Why certainly!
She can be hung from a Christmas tree, or from a hook on the wall.
 I started with her base, which is a silver plate tea spoon, I love the patina on these old flatware pieces. :)
I Drilled a hole at the top, to run through some French crinkled ribbon for her hanger.
Next was assembling the doll.
Her body is a vintage wooden thread spool.
I then, screwed in the loop hooks, and attached the pieces, to resemble her hands, and legs.

A LISTEN charm from Tim Holtz, and a bronze little hand from ArtChix Studios.
The legs are old keys, with lovely little details carved into them.
Pardon me miss, as I lift up your skirt to show your delicate details. :)
I also added some vintage tatting around the top and bottom of the spool, and some strips of lace and tulle, for a skirt.
 The other side is a charm that says INSPIRE, and a little lock and key charm. I can't remember where that one came from, I have had it for some time, and it was at the bottom of my tin. One of those found treasures from long ago.
I added a frozen Charlotte head to the top, and fashioned her a hat using paper, vintage tinsel, and a wee little, old rhinestone pin.
Her look was complete after adding some elegant paper wings!!!

And there she is!
She was fun to assemble, and is now ready to adorn any space.
Hope you enjoyed the preview, and feel free to leave me a comment, so that I can Thank You for stopping by.
Off to get some shopping done before it's face melting hot outside. I think the forecast is 97 today with high humidity, hot, hot, hot!
Hope your enjoying these last few weeks of summer too!
Best Wishes, and take good care,
~Susan Xo