Thursday, June 21, 2012

Artist Spotlight

Hello everyone,

Your all invited to my interview with Cindy Jones Lantier, where you can get to know be better and see some of my artwork too! Hope to see you there!

Here's a peek at a project I am working on at the moment, this was a really fun one! Get all your supplies together, find a great spot in the yard, and ready, set, go!!!! I started with these game cards, Gesso the surface you don't want to show and let dry.

 Once they are dry, get your acrylic paint ready and cover the surface.

 Having such some fun making art in the summer sun!!! When these are finished, they will be used for  an upcoming project.

Don't you just love this rainbow of colors, it's scrumptious!!!
I finished this process, by adding other elements of interest and positive messages to the cards using Aleen's craft glue.

These are a few of the completed cards.

 I just loved working on this project,layering paint,using stencils and then layering stamps. Finish it off with a good coat of sealer, and Wa La!!!  Great results too! I just Love how they turned out. In person there is so much depth and texture that is hard to capture in a photo. I hope you get a chance to hop over to Cindy's site and see my interview, I would so appreciate it <3 And feel free to leave me a comment, so I know that you stopped by! I absolutely love hearing form you!!!!

Until next time ..... Happy Creating and Have a Magnificent Day !

 I know great things are going to happen:)


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  1. Now this is a fun project. I recently decided I"m going to scrap all my kids old games. The boards will make good substrates and we all know game pieces are fun, but cards....I like your idea, Susan. I'm going to cook on that.
    Cheers, Coleen