Monday, July 16, 2012

Carney Dreaming

Hello everyone! Hope all is well with you on this lovely Monday!! I Have been incredibly busy this past week. Lots of exciting and fun happenings around here this week. We celebrated my daughters 24th Birthday this past weekend, had a lovely weekend visit with my Mother and niece. They got to be the first guests to Glamp out in the Gypsy. Even though it was in the front yard, it was still fun! And.... we have a new *BIG* ,*FUN* project underway!!! We're going to be CARNEY's!!!

What? you may say... YES! CARNEY's! My husband's had a lifelong dream of owning a Popcorn Truck since he was a young boy... The cards all fell in the right places to make this dream a reality....

Sooo we brought home the 1926 Dodge Brothers popcorn truck on Thursday, and the construction has started!!!

It takes a true visonary to take a dream and turn it into a reality! Putting it out into the universe really works! With determination and imagination of what could be...We have alot of work ahead of us.
The Goal is 60 days....
She came from the Shaniko Museum and had been laid to rest there for the last 35 years.

Well, the rest is over. It's time to wakeup, get dolled up and start showing off the beauty that was always inside of her, and get back to work!

 She has had such gathering of strangers already. People are coming out of the woodwork, stopping and asking questions. She already is putting smiles on the faces of everyone who sees her! Neighbors we have never met, stopping and introducing themselves, to catch a closer look and hear about her history. It's really special.

 I can't wait to share her restorative journey with you...It's going to be an adventure for sure! Wish us luck!!! Until next time.... "Get your popcorn here"!!!

~Susan xo


  1. Oh, that will be fun to follow, Susan. Thanks for posting on FB so I could see it. When I was a kid my dad had a small bus that looked much like the one just above. He used it in parades. Good for you all in creating your dreams.

    1. Hi Coleen, Thanks for stopping by! Your dad's bus sounds neat, I'd love to see a picture of it! That must have been fun going to all the parades as a child:) It's going to be alot of work, but excited to see the possibilities!Have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh what fun! I'll be back to see the amazing transformation. Enjoy the process!


    1. Hi Deb,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog, we will enjoy the process definately. Weve got great BIG dreams around here!

  3. Susan, what a fabulous adventure you have embarked on! The world needs more people like you :) Can't wait to see "her" after the makeover...