Monday, August 13, 2012

Crown Me

Hello again! These summer weeks are rolling by faster and faster... I feel I am behind a bit keeping up with my blog. Thank You for having patience with me:)

We have tons of projects going on around here, and lots of swaps to do too!! Busy Busy!!

I wanted to share a quick post today of some crowns I recently completed. The concept came from a roll of chicken wire I had out back, and wondered what I could create with it... And then BOOM it hit me Crowns!!!

 I added tons of vintage paper flowers, vintage millinery,vintage buttons, found treasures and crepe paper. I had a box of Christmas stuff, and decided to use some of the finding from the box as embellishments. I love the mixture of the aged silver and gold together, and a dash of creamy white. That color palette holds magic for me... I Love it!!!

For this crown, I created for a Fall Faerie Crown Swap... It was fun pulling out the oranges and velvet leaves for this one...

 Mosses, berries,sparkling copper and velvet leaves, butterflies, feathers, and a  fall faerie are embellished on the front and sides... I hope they like it!

This one was really fun to make!!!

A Queenie Crown... I love this little crown! Again with the same color palette of whites,silvers and golds, because I just love the silver and whites together...

White dipped roses in German Glass Glitter, silver leaves,white feather clusters,vintage tinsel, and a Happiness banner created from vintage sheet music. I backed the butterfly with a coordinating paper, since you can see it from the back.

I added the Queen at the top, using the same German Glass Glitter around the edges, and German Scrap at the top, I then attached it with a gold pipe cleaner...

Oh so fun!!! I hope you enjoyed my little crowns today... You can find some of these listed in my Etsy Shoppe too!  here's the link for you:)

Until next time, much love to you and yours....



  1. so beautiful!! thank you for sharing those pics!!!

  2. Oh, these crowns are lovely. What a sweet idea for using bits and pieces. it's difficult to chose a favourite but I think I like the middle one, best. All those lovely colours.

  3. Wonderful,Susan. I"m a lover of crowns. I've made some and I have quite a few crowns posted to my pinterest board entitled "Crowns, just pretty." You can check it out for more inspiration:

  4. Well, Susan, I'm back. Just had to pin some of these to my Crowns board on Pinterest...they are identified as yours so a little promotion of your lovely work. Hope that is ok with you.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  5. Love the crowns! who'da thunk chicken wire??

  6. Hello Susan!
    I Love these! Especially the Queen! You do beautiful Work!
    Thank You for Visiting on my Blog. You are so Sweet! I am afraid I have been neglecting it lately. I need to get back in the swing of things.Summer! Thats my excuse! Ha
    Have a Wonderful Evening!
    Ps I am glad we are Facebook Friends :)