Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Musical Magical Deer

Hello everyone! Well summer is nearing an end, the changing of the weather, the fading flowers, and the urge to get finished up with major projects we have taken on this year.  The pumpkins have began arriving at the nurseries and the mums are in full bloom.

I feel a little stretched in many areas, as I know here in Oregon the rainy season fast approaches. And we are scrambling to get it all done...

As you all remember, I drug home my little camper trailer "Jewel", at the beginning of the summer, and have been working on her off and on for the past few months. I just love her! I am to the point now of hanging some art, and had this wild idea that I wanted to add something whimsical to her space. I'm mean after all, it's my playhouse, so anything goes!

I had been looking at these pho- deer head mounts that I keep seeing in all the decorator magazines, and thought, "That's it!" That would be perfect, until I looked at the prices of these statement pieces. Sheesh! Pricey! 

I'm a bit of a budget queen, a thrift store goddess, and proud of it! LOL! And thought I could do it myself for alot less, sooooo that's what I did!

I started out with this paper mache deer that I found at the craft store. I thought it would work perfectly!

I then did this! Close your eyes if it's just too much for you!
 Marked the right angle, and then I had Steve cut it's head off with the chop saw.. "Sorry" Mr. Deer, "but your going to be better than before", is what I had to keep telling him....
I set up workspace in front of Jewel, on a table in the sun, and started working on my vision.
 I added a wood block at the base of the neck for stabilizing, and to securely mount him in the end, to this small ornate frame I had picked up awhile back at the thrift for a couple of dollars.

Next step, tear apart the frame, and get it ready for painting.

I love this aqua color, perfect for the frame. It's the same color I used for the range and fridge and the wheels.
Decoupage, vintage sheet music, paint brush, and wiping rag, ready set go! Tear small pieces of random size sheet music and decoupage using a brush to coat both sides well, then start staggering layers and pressing down with your fingers.
 Hello! Not the best pic of me, but oh well, working here. Fingers will get really messy, you could use gloves, but I chose not to here, so I could really feel the edges.

Making progress, just keep going!
The entire process took about 4.5 hrs to cover completely, but wait til you see how great it looks!
Back to dressing up the frame, I washed it with some acrylic burnt umber paint working in small areas, and wiping off excess paint, until I got the aged feel I wanted. Also I cut out my background paper that the head will be mounted on, Mod Podge'd the entire front and back, gluing layers together, and to add stiffness.

Now It's time to mount the head. I removed the glass from the frame so that I can screw directly from the back to secure the head with 2 screws.

 And here it is! A finished mount! This is going to look so cute with beads and things hanging off the antlers!

I love the aged feel that it has, and love the sheet music! With a little imagination, and a little hard work, you can do anything your heart desires! Finally a few things up, lots more to do, but I love the focal point of this grouping, and it's a great start!

Thanks for sharing this artsy adventure and fun little project with me, I'd love to hear your comments below.
Have a Beautiful Day!!!
Xo Susan



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    1. Thank You Ann! Nice to see you today:)

    2. Wow Susie...On the wall along with all the other treasures. Great!

  2. Susan, I love what you did with the deer and I really love your playhouse. I need to find one for me!