Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Love of Witches

Hello lovelies!
Where has this month gone? Here it is almost Halloween! In just 7 days!
I guess what they say is true: Time Flies When Your Having Fun!
I wanted to share some other fun swaps with you, before the Halloween season has flown by. As those of you who know me, you can probably tell I have a fascination with Witches. I just love everything about them!
This curiosity started in me when I was very young. I remember checking out library books from the wonderful and talented author, Ruth Chew, when I was in the 5th grade. She wrote all kinds of fun and exciting stories, and the magic within those pages must have stuck with me, even today I still love witches more than ever.
I have had so much fun this year doing art swaps, especially the Halloween swaps.
I have several pieces surrounding me, that were created from various talented artists, in my Halloween Decor this year. And that makes it even more special!

I was able to participate in a fabulous Tombstone swap with Retro Cafe Art. This little beauty was created for me by the talented Mary Jane Chadbourne.
Some ATC's from the Amazing Denise Phillips at

And a Fabulous Witches Gothic Arches Book from several artists. I just love how Jo Anne put this book together for us from Vintage Dragonfly. It's truly special!

The cover is Linda's Page...
Jo Anne's Page...
Karla's Page...
Erica's Page...
Kimberly's Page...
Heya-Cupcake's Page...
 And an extra page I created to add at the back of the book...
I just Love it!! 
Here's a few pages I created and sent over to be swapped out...


I have created so many Witches this season, and 'Ya know what? I could still keep going! LOL!

I made this Altered Journal a few days ago, while I was still in the spirit of Halloween. I love the way it turned out!
I added tons of texture and organic elements for effect...

And attached a metal Raven's Head at the top that I purchased from Art Chix Studio's
Added stars, tons of sparkle, and a fancy Witchy Hat...


Added a latch, that came from our Old Popcorn Truck Penny... I love that it's chippy and rusty...

And finished it off with some metal letters with string attached at the top, and Scrabble Tiles.
Now it's ready to be filled with art and anything I want to add. I love that it has wide black paper pages! Lots of room for stuff.
Hope you enjoyed the photos of all the lovely Art, and I'll see you back here for the Halloween Party Blog Hop, hosted by A Fanciful Twist on October 27th!!!
Until then...
Happy Haunting!!!
~Susan Xo








  1. Wonderful witchy creations!! What an awesome collection to help celebrate the Halloween fun :-)

  2. What an amazing collection! Thanks for sharing. It's like walking up to a door and saying...Trick or Treat...and getting EYE CANDY handed to you! That's the best!

  3. What really lovely images, Susan! The frumpy witch with the birds is a star and I love the red witch with ah girl (I guess) from a stockings advert. Very creative and imaginative!

  4. What fun! I'm green with envy over your beautiful, original witch collection! Thank you for sharing it with us!! ♥

  5. You make the most beautiful witches I've ever seen! ARe you dressing for Halloween?