Friday, November 9, 2012

Back in the Studio

Hello Lovelies, well I made it through Halloween and my Birthday, and have gotten everything put away! A round of applause for ME! That was no small feat, but it always goes away faster than it comes out, at least.
It feels so wonderful to have everything put back in it's place again. I still have some fall decor up,pretty garland leaves and pumpkins, and plan on waiting to pull out any Christmas decorations until I get through Thanksgiving first.
But my studio, on the other hand...
I do have an all year Halloween space in there, but that doesn't count. LOL! And Christmas has started popping up in there before Halloween even arrived.
For all of us "CREATIVES" we know that in order to fill orders and have availability on Holiday items, we have to start creating before Halloween has even arrived, that sometimes can feel crazy to bounce back and forth, but when inspiration strikes, you have to grab it with both hands and enjoy the ride!
Here's a few projects I wanted to share, that I have been working on recently...

I am so in LOVE with frozen Charlotte's right now. I added some fun crowns to these little beauties and some vintage tinsel and rhinestones to their crowns. I can't show you the finished pieces yet, as these are going to be gifted, and I don't want to reveal the surprise quite yet. But I will share them soon....
Some fun pretty Ornaments I made ....

The backs sides are just as pretty!
I added little vintage, mother of pearl buttons, and some old tatting and laces...
I love how these turned out!
I really love this color palette too!
So soft and pretty...

Some little treat cones...
The insides are painted in this lovely spa blue, and I added some old stock crepe paper frills around the tops.
I also added some Vintage Tinsel trims, and frilly cording too.

I added vintage Holiday images to the fronts of the cones with coordinating papers.
I found these papers at my local Craft Warehouse, and they have an old world type of Christmas definitions, like dictionary pages almost. I instantly feel in love with them and "had" to have them!
And that's what inspired me to create these!
And here they are, a beautiful little trio for the Holiday!
All of these items are available for purchase through my Etsy shoppe, if you love them!
Until next time....
Have a Happy Creative week, and I can't wait to share more projects with you soon!
~Susan Xo





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    1. Thank You Nike, you always have the sweetest words! Xo

  2. Thanks for coming by and your kind words. Your blog is very pretty!

    1. Thank You Robin, I'm a huge fan of yours.Your works of art are inspirational.Xo

  3. wow these are Amazing Susan...i love them thanks for the inspiration...hugs

    1. Awww Thanks so much. You are too kind. So happy that you stopped by today :)

  4. I love the charlottes and the treat cones! What lovely colours!

    1. Thanks Rhissanna, Yes I love this color pallette too.It reminds me of a calming day at the beach. Very soothing. How wonderful that you stopped by. Hugs~