Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just For Me

Hello Lovelies!
Wow, what a week, goodness gracious.
I have exciting news to share with you... I am a Grandmother!!! 
 I was able to hold her after she was only 10 minutes old,
 and instantly fell in love with precious little, Kaia Mae Saephan.
Such a miracle and a blessing. She was born on May 31st at 11:07pm. She weighed,7 Lbs.,4 oz. 

A new little family of love. 

We couldn't be more thrilled!
She is doing well, still in the Hospital, as she has had a few difficulties with her digestion, so they are keeping her until everything is A-Ok. Happy that she doing so much better the past few days. 

This Grandmother has been a tad bit worried, for my daughter and her. Trying hard to stay positive, and keep my mind off the "worrying". I know everything will be just fine, it's just the "waiting" and feeling "helpless" I guess.

So.... today, I thought I would do something just for me...
Our weather is absolutely gorgeous today, so lovely that it brought me outside, with the camera in hand, to capture some of the beauty right outside my own front door. 

My Roses are coming along nicely today. These have the most amazing smell... Yum.

Look at the little daddy long leg at the top! They are harmless to humans, in fact, I remember playing with them as a child. Wouldn't catch me playing with a spider now though... ewww.

And my "fairy" roses are just starting to bloom. I adore this rose bush, so much in fact, that I dug it up from my old house, and took it with me. It gets huge, with hundreds of tiny pink roses scattered all over it. Quite amazing. And that is it's real name too! I love it!

Sage is still in full bloom, I love how things have gotten overgrown, and are so full, that they are coming through the fence. I have always loved a cottage garden, so full, and a little wild. All of these are taken on the outside, so you can see how full they really are.

And so fragrant too. I could spend my day just sitting outdoors, watching nature. Truly, I am a total home body. I love being at home. If I didn't have to leave sometimes, I would just stay right here, and be perfectly content doing so.

Even Truck is loving this day.

I wanted to do something "just for me" today, and enjoy being outdoors, so I thought.... Tea for 1! That's it, something special just for me!!!

 So I nudged the table right along side the garden bed, drug out some of my vintage linens, a few sweet treats, and made myself a special little celebration.

 These a Tangerine shortbread cookies, delish, and butterflies! How could I pass them up...

Peonies,roses,phlox,villarium, lavender, and a few springs of green for fun. This is what's left of my bouquet from the farmers market last Saturday. I am savoring the last of these peonies. They smell so heavenly.

A couple of Ginger Snaps...

And some lemons...

with cream please...


Absolutely fabulous! 
Hope you all enjoy your day too!


  1. Dearest Grandma Susan,

    Many congratulations to you and your family....good to hear your grandaughter is doing better and should be home soon.

    Your flowers are spectacular and I especially like the photo of the Sage. Interestingly enough, I was out in my garden today and realized that MY sage had a lot of winter kill and only 1/3 of it remains. It IS 12 yrs old, so maybe part of it's demise is age!!! Needless to say, I may HAVE to purchase another one to replace it soon!
    Tea in the garden, lovely flowers and a new grandaughter. Life is good, my friend. Savour the moments!

    1. Hello Sweetness,
      Thank You so much,life is good when we can just slow it down every now and then and just immerse oneself with the day. And I really needed just that. We are so excited about our new "Grandparent" hood, and can't wait to snuggle her up! I am looking forward to all the spoiling! lol! I love sage too, it is pretty hardy, maybe it will surprise you, and come back full, if you do end up replacing it, it grows pretty fast, as you know, and you will have a full plant in no time at all. My mother hacks it down every year, and it always comes back bigger than the year before. I just deadhead it, and that's pretty much it. I like it wild! Have a great day, and Thanks for your visit:) Xo

  2. Such a beautiful post and a beautiful new addition to the family! A big congratulations to you Susan, how wonderful! I am so glad to here that things are going well now!
    Your garden is glorious ....I love it all , and your garden party, so glad you shared it with us!

    1. Hello lovely Sharon,
      Thank You! Yes, things are looking better, now it's just hurry up and wait. That's the toughie for me. But, before you know it, she will be home, and then, the fun begins! It was a fun day out in the garden, with tea. Just simply perfect. Life's simple pleasures... Hugs to dear.

  3. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother. Such a beautiful young family! I so hope to get there one day. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden and tea party for one. Gorgeous pics! I felt as though I was there with you as I sit indoors with my own morning cup, on this tropical stormy day. Enjoy that beautiful baby!

  4. Hello Mary,
    Thank You for stopping by today, and your sweet compliments. We are super excited for what's to come. Glad I had your company on such a wonderful Day. Stay safe with your weather there, that has to be a bit unsettling. Hope it passes quickly, and you can enjoy the nice weather again soon. ~Hugs

  5. Congratulations Grandma She's beautiful!!!!!!

  6. Thank You Victoria, I am looking forward to all the years to come with her. Xo