Friday, April 4, 2014

My New Studio Space

Hello Lovelies!
As many of you know,we just recently moved, which meant packing, packing,packing!And Unpacking! 
Quite frankly, I didn't think I would ever get through all of our things, and to be honest, ( I am still working on this process...) but, it has been such a delight, to have a new space to decorate and display all of our treasures.
For some reason, everything just looks better in the new place, than it did before. Strange how that works.
Me and the Mister have been working hard at getting my studio put together.

I just realized the other day, that I have not created art since November of 2013. OMGoodness! Hard to believe. How does this time go by so quickly?

It's more challenging these days, to just jump in, and blast through a project like we used to do. And, before, we didn't have a little one to care for, or schedules. Just 2 fur babies. But now it is so very different, since were given the gift of caring for Little Ms. Mae.

So... you just do it when you can, bit by bit until you get there. This has been the most difficult thing for me. I am an instant satisfaction kind of gal... so I guess the lesson for me to learn, is to slow down and be ok with that.
(This lesson too, I am working on.)
I just cannot hardly contain myself, with getting my space back.
It's hard to explain, not having this creative space.
It's like I have had my wings clipped, and now I am beginning to fly again. I can't wait to share some of this new little treasured space with you.

The fun challenge, is that this space underwent quite the transformation from the dark cold garage it once was. And though it's not perfect, it's perfectly perfect to me! This was the scary Garage room BEFORE. Yikes!!!

I came up with this interesting idea to adress one of the walls in the space.
You see... this wall is actually the garage door, on the back side. It really needs to be taken out completely, and turned into part of the existing house, but, since we are in a rental, and it's the rainy springtime here in Oregon, We just made do. Hence the phrase,

 "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have."

Anyways, back to what I started saying about this wall...There are no studs in this wall except on the ends, so I  needed something intersting and pleasing to the eye. So, as I stood on the ladder painting one evening, it came to me... what about burlap???
Why not???
 It's light weight and easy to apply with spray adhesive, and I think it would look amazing. By George that's it!
So what do you think??? 

A nice way to organize all my vintage seam bindings and misc. was to hang this shoe organizer over the unsightly furnace, and it can be easily accessible with the see through mesh pockets.
I added some vintage cream, cotton lace, under the chairrail trim to finish it off. And you know what? I couldn't be happier with the results. It's coming along nicely. Still have a bit to go on getting it all organized, and polishing up the rough spots. But it's a start. :)

Speaking of using what you have.. The paint color in this space,I could not exactly say what the color is, as we used up 5 partial gallons of paint that were leftovers from our other house, that varied from shades of cream to tan, and mixed them all together into a 5 gallon bucket. The newly made color, came out a lovely straw color. All in all, a win win. Now I am 5 cans lighter that I have to recycle! :)
Now, all I need to do is fit all of my stuff in here, right?
This space is about 1/2 the size of the old spare bedroom that once was my studio.
I can do it!  
I think the finished measurment is 13' x 8'. Pretty tiny, but I have no complaints.


It's been like Christmas ,opening up boxes of my favorite happy precious things...

Lots more to do, I will get there.
It will be fun to share the progess, and hopefully I have it finished before Christmas. "Snicker..." Seriously. I hope to be settled soon, and I shall be quite happy here.
Take Care..
~Susan Xo


  1. Susan, I think it's beautiful and charming at the same time! Plus love all the white and whimsey! Your baby Me is a sweet precious life to beholden. Wish I could spend some time holding her myself I love babies! Mine will be ten this week. My oldest one turned 21 two weeks ago, not even. The middle is 19. They sure grow old fast, and it's worth all the hard work. Cherish all the sweet cuddle moments you can now. Although it is hard not to create think of the wee one as your current work and probably most important of all your life. Grab moment to create when you can or take naps when she does! That's all my wisdom for the day! Hugs, and glad to see you back, Sanna

  2. Thank You Sanna, such sweet words of encouragement and wisdom. I know it does go fast. Seems like the days just keep getting shorter, so much to do. I am cherishing this time I have with her, it does fill my heart and keeps me smiling. She really is such a good baby. The creative stuff will just have to find a place in my week somehow, I know it will. At least I have a little space to do so when the mood or free time strikes. :) Sounds like you have a nice range of ages, busy mama. That's wonderful. I Thank You so much for your visit. ~Hugs

  3. So much fun, and your space is looking amazing. Can't wait to see you creating again.


  4. What an awesome space! and how fun to be able to take care of the little! I know how busy it can be. When I have my granddaughters here for a while, I hardly get any time to myself. But the older they get the easier! Now I can give them paper and crayons and paint and they create with me!!!! Enjoy that time!!!! And happy Creating!

  5. Nice space...when you are done, come do mine! Hug that baby tight for me. Your email from our list is bouncing back...don't know if you've changed your address but if you want, just message me on fb page for Vintage Station. Miss seeing you at the're probably really busy with a new charge.

  6. your new space looks very lovely....isnt' fun to be 'inspired' with just the right redo for something? Can't wait to see the finished project.