Wednesday, November 26, 2014

So many things to be Thankful for

Hello Lovelies!
I haven't been a very good blogger lately. Keeping up with a toddler, and all of life's little happenings, have had me quite busy. After loosing my baby bulldog just before Halloween, I just needed some quiet time. Some time for just enjoying all the moments with baby Kaia, and soaking up all of her love.
She makes the best snuggler. Hard not to smile, and feel a joyful heart when I am with her.
Trying to get back into the studio these past few weeks, and do some creating. I had lost my mojo for a bit, but I am happy to say, that it has returned. Yay!!

I have a new addiction to these floral beauties...

 I just cannot stop making them!
 I was so inspired by a recent you tube video I watched, made by Angela Holt.Just the whole process of this Mixed Media canvas is memorizing. I love getting lost for a few hours in pure bliss.
I LOVE how this one turned out.

  A few frozen Charlotte ornaments, using Vintage tart tins. These are so pretty on the Christmas tree.

And a little vintage inspired treat cone, made for a friend. I love the sparkle of white, gold and glitter.
So Magical!
My studio time is my happiest place to be.
This past Monday, we received to most wonderful news!
Our daughter has been working so very hard in her recovery progress, as well as in her parenting skills. She was awarded custody back of her daughter, little Kaia.
We are both so proud of her for achieving this accomplishment. DHS doesn't make it easy, and she has successfully gone above and beyond to have her back in her life, and she is thrilled to take on the most important job one can ever have, of being a mother.
 Our plan, is to all live together as a family, as a transition into, someday, them having a place of their own. We can all still continue to love and spoil Kaia, and now, I will have a little more time for myself. It is the perfect plan.
Me and Mr. sweetness are both looking forward to being Grandma/Grandpa again. :)
She is just such a doll.
Such great news!!!
"Us" at Halloween this year.
Kaia "The Duck."
She had the perfect waddle.
Hard to believe that it has been just a little over a year since she came to be with us. So tiny, and so incredibly sweet...


How fast a year can go. So may blessings to be Thankful for this year.

This has to be one of my FAVORITE pictures of her!
So Thankful for all of our blessings this year. From my family to yours...
Many Blessings, and big hugs,

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