Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Making Pretties

Hello Lovelies!

Hope all is well in your beautiful world.
Summer is here and I have found myself being pretty busy lately. It's amazing how much fun you can have when the sun is out and the days are long. 
I just love this time of the year!
In my last post, I announced a little giveaway, and the winners Monica Downing and Nike Bottalico have been notified via Facebook. And their new little mermaids have been sent off to their new mama's. It sure makes me feel good to give something away.:)

I took a new jewelry making class recently and boy, has it opened my eyes to all kinds of new pretty things.
It's always been something I have wanted to try, but wasn't sure if I would be any good at it.
(That darn self doubt can be a stinker.)

 So without worrying to much about it, I jumped in and trusted the process. It sure is nice to have a visual learning tool, and a great teacher that explains everything step by step. 
It really makes all the difference, at least for me. I encourage you to try new things, because you never know where your new skill set can take you.

I really enjoyed assembling all the different components to make up the pretty chains.
 After I completed my pieces, I think I squealed out loud, and maybe danced a little, and was just so happy with my accomplishment.

I just love that feeling, of pure heartfelt exasperated joy!!! 

Lots of details were added to the pendants too. 
Here's a closer look.

I played around with some different colors. I really love the color turquoise, especially on summer tan skin.

This little one above, I gifted to my sister in law. She's a massage therapist, healing hands...so it was perfect for her! 

Little pearls, vintage rhinestone segments, old clock faces, bits of torn lace and fun metal bits were added.

Fun old pearl buttons,this one still has a bit of thread from a past life. I kept it intact for some added interest. I also incorporated some crystals and metal charms.

 A little steam-punk feel to this one. I used watch parts, gears and some old metal pieces that I had stashed in a box.
There all different, and so much fun to make. I can't wait to start another batch. 
I have some fun ideas cooking up in this little noggin'.

In case you might be interested in taking this class for yourself... Here's the link:

Well, off to the studio I go.
Hope you have a most wonderful and creative day!

Oh yes, before I say goodbye... 
It's tea party time once again over at A Fanciful Twist. 
I am getting really excited for this year's tea party. 
Hope you stop back over in a few weeks, hopefully before then... but definitely July 11th, to see all the beautiful parties!
See you soon.


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