Monday, July 27, 2015

Beach Bummin'

Good Morning Lovelies!
Hope your enjoying your summer.
It has been so warm and dry here in Portland Oregon this year. 
Pretty unusual for us, we usually get some rainy days, but this year has been exceptionally dry. It rained this past weekend and I never thought I would ever say it. 

But... I missed the rain. 

It hasn't rained here since the last week in April. So refreshing, and the smell... just lovely. 

We have been beating the heat around here the past few weeks with some little escapes to the beach.

Oh how I love the beach.

Mr. sweetness had some work to do at the coast, so we had a nice little working mini vacation. 
I packed up a little bag of stitchery to keep me occupied, just in case I needed something to do. 

While he worked at this neat little camp ground repairing some concrete walls, I stitched trailer pillows and explored some of the grounds.
This little secret is nestled in a beautiful location just 5 miles north of Lincoln City, Oregon.

They had a large country store. Really charming.

Ponds with blooming lilies...

Little angler shops nestled along side the Siletz river.
You can rent boats and Kayak's during the day. We don't really fish, but they did say you could also rent crab pots.That sounded pretty good.
 However, we didn't have much time for that this trip.Maybe next time.

As I continued along the river I came across a 
Beautiful walking trail that seemed to whisper to me to step inside.

 Just absolutely beautiful

Wild Daisies blooming all over the grounds

Mother nature provided me with some sweet natural nourishment along the way.
 Once through the trees, the trail opens up into a large meadow. 
Such wonderful sounds I heard, rustling grasses blowing in the wind, and so many bird songs, I felt as if I was transported into another world.

Cat tails bursting open to spread their seeds and begin again.

At the end of the trail I came across a little goat. 
I wanted to give him a pet, but he wasn't having any of that.
Still, he was a pretty handsome guy even with his attitude. At least he was willing to let me take his picture. It was really a great weekend. I can't wait to go back and see what else I can find.
Hope you enjoyed the adventure and wishing you all a wonderful day!
Best to you,

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  1. It sure is fun spending time with you at the beach love ya