Friday, April 5, 2013

Having Some Fun

Hello Lovelies!

This week I am feeling so much better, a bit more me time.
 I love "me" time.

It's always fun to play!!!

My sweet Mr., painted me some new lovely aqua stripes on my Jewel for Easter, and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!

It is sometimes amazing, how one little thing, can spark a new idea for something creative. I was so inspired by the new aqua stripes, that I decided to create a pillow for my little Jewel this past week.

And with that one idea, I was contacted to start a line of these pillows, for a posh boutique in sunny California!!! How exciting!  So... now I am sewing up tons of these, in all different color palettes.  

They will all be Handmade, and one of a kind, and will have a touch of Vintage flair to each one.
Super exciting! 

Perfect for the Glamper in all of us!

I have also been busy making plans for my daughter's baby shower this weekend, which I am super excited about! 

It will be nice to visit family that I haven't seen for far too long. And so wonderful getting together, and catching up with everyone.

I got to visit with my daughter Alicia, for awhile yesterday, it was so nice. 

Oh, and her baby bump is ADORABLE!

She is due in June, and we could not be more excited to be Grandparents!!!

 It's been so much fun, and challenging, collecting baby stuff for the past few months. 

The challenging part, is that we still don't know yet, on the boy or girl. It's difficult to find neutrals, when there are some many cute things geared towards one or the other. 

But, still having a ball, oohing and awwing.

Grandpa to be, is excited too! He is hoping for a new racing buddy, and picked these up the other day from a friend of ours.

He's planning to restore the old Mercury, complete with custom paint for a boy or girl.


So darn cute!

So... it will be a surprise either way. 

We do know one thing for sure, that baby Kai or Shaylyn will be welcomed with open arms and open hearts. 

Have a great weekend !

~Susan Xo


  1. I love the aqua stripe on the RV -- so retro! Aqua is my color this year; just can't get enough. Is this your first grandchild? My first was born in August, and I have identical twin grandsons due this August. It's the best...

    1. Thank You Teri! I know, that color does something to my spirit, and makes me so happy. A little school girl-ish :) Yes this is our first, Congratulations on your little grandchildren. Looks like August will be the month for wonderful celebrations for years to come. Xo

  2. Love your little retro camper - so sweet! Congrats on your new grandchild too - not much longer!

    1. Thank You Sugar Lump Studios :) I appreciate your sweet comments. So happy that you stopped by for a visit. Xo

  3. Your camper is Amazing but how amazing it will be to hold a baby! congrats to your family!
    i wish my dad would have found my children a vintage petal wonderful

    1. Thank You Tabitha. We are getting pretty excited. It won't be long now. I had to smell all the baby shampoos the other day at the grocery store. lol! Babies always smell so good :) We should have lots of fun picking out the paint colors for the vintage pedal car, when the time comes. I always love restoring things. My hubby has a knack for it. ~Hugs

  4. You KNOW I love your camper and the 'new' turquoise stripes! It's just SO happy!
    Baby bumps ~ lovely photo! When I was pj (eons ago) we covered those up with HUGE tops. Guess times have changed and women can now embrace their pregnancy. Quite wonderful.
    Glad you're feeling better. Have a happy weekend.

    1. Thank You Jan. She did turn out pretty cute, if I do say. A mother always has bragging rights thought. lol! I can't wait til it warms up some, and get her out on the road. I don't think my daughter wants to admit to maternity clothes as of yet. She is pretty small, and keeps referring to herself as "the snake who swallowed a basketball." Hugs

  5. SUZE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your camper, or "Clamper" is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!! I am also coveting your pink retro radio! Where in the WORLD did you find that gem??? OH EM GEE!!! Your blog=my new fave place!! :)

    1. Oops, I meant to type "Glamper" not Clamper!

    2. Hello KristaK, Thank You! I came across this radio jusr recently at an estate sale. I had it listed in my Etsy shop, for sale. It went quick. I happen to have another pink one in there of my own. I love how it only plays AM stations, and takes time to warm up the tubes before coming in loud and clear. Those old radios are really fun. Xo

  6. Susan, I am so excited for you on so many levels!! The camper is adorable and love the pillows that it inspired you to create. No wonder you've been asked to make more! Congrats! Looking forward to reading more about the coming of a new grandchild. I can hear how over the moon excited you all are!!

  7. Thank You Kadee Willow :) They are pretty fun to make. Can't wait til I have a whole pile of them to share with you all. Thank You so much for your well wishes. I appreciate it so much. Wishing you the best too. We are getting so excited. Time is moving so fast, it will be here before we know it. Thanks Sweetie.:) Xo