Saturday, April 27, 2013

This weeks happenings

Hello Lovelies~

Hope you have all had a wonderful week!
I have been a bit under the weather this week. Not to mention a full moon, weird thoughts, and having some difficulties with my balance. Literally, vertigo. I have had a horrible toothache all week long. It's one of those wisdom tooth things, I think it's pushing on some sort of nerve in there, making it really fun for me.
But I am trying my best, and taking some healing time and resting up, more so than usual. I don't know why I find it so difficult to rest, I guess I feel guilty for not getting more accomplished. Do you feel that way too? It's madness, I tell you. 

Other than that, the weather is just beautiful here. 70's and warm, the perfect temperature for just sitting and relaxing... 


The little purple bell flowers are blooming nicely, I just love these! And so does my Garden Fairy. He seems so content this time of year.

I am still working on my pillows, seems like I have been saying that for too long now... But I am making great strides. They are so much fun to make. With the warmer weather we have had this week,I have found myself outside stitching under a blue sky, while the birds are singing. Quite lovely.

I went treasure hunting the other day and found this beautiful pale yellow Vintage Ginny's comforter. It's just so lush and soft...
All washed up and getting cut up for more pillows!!!

Found these great old clocks, and a mirrored tray too. My clever hubby, wound them all up last night, and with the two ticking clocks I have in my living room, it sounded like a clock shop in here last night, with 5 clocks all ticking and different times. lol! 

A bit much, considering we are in about a 50 sq. foot living room! Geez. I will not do that again, and was thankful to get them photographed for my etsy shop, and stored away this morning. 

The pink clock is fabulous though... can't keep it... must sell it. Ha!

And these! Ohhh I squealed, when I saw them. TEACUP Measuring cups! Adorable, and in that same soft yellow color too! These, I may have to keep. Ha! At least for awhile... I can think of all kinds of photos for these cuties.

A vintage pink wastebasket, so sweet!

And a great aluminum sifter. I have not seen any before that have this great yellow stripe. Different, and fun for any vintage kitchen, or trailer.

Can you tell, there was a theme that day... Pink and Yellow. Happy colors!

Speaking of Happy, I did get some beautiful Happy Mail this week, from my ARTchix ATC swap... Aren't these fabulous!!!

I LOVE them all!!! Niki our Hostess, outdid herself, wrapping everything in all these fun blues, and added lots of fun goodies too! If you ever get the chance to join an ARTchix swap,they are just the best! Helga has so many creative and inspiring papers, and fun themes to choose from. 


Well, that's all my happenings this week, back to the studio for more fun and inspiration.

Feel free to leave me a Hello in the comments box below.I always look forward to your visits. 
And until next time... Happy Creating!!!
~Susan Xo


  1. Love those tea cup measuring cups, never seen any like that before!

    1. Thank You Donna, I just adore them too! They are so different, made me think of all the things I could do with them! Have a Great Day! Xo

  2. Those tea cup measurers are so cute! No matter what I do I never feel like I've done enough. It is rather frustrating.

    1. Hello Laura, yes sometimes it can be overwhelming. I guess I need to stay focused and try not to loose sight of the important things, like family and keeping myself healthy enough to make more art! Thanks for stopping by :) xo