Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hello Lovlies!

Our weather here in Oregon has been ever so delightful, and I have been absolutely loving it. Perfect temperatures of high 70's - 80's, with nice light breezes. Just heavenly. Really makes me want to spend my days outdoors, under the shade tree, barefoot in the grass. That's the good stuff.

 My lavender is just starting to open up, I love how vibrant it is when it first starts showing it's color, and find myself rubbing the branches through my hands several times a day. So fragrant and calming.

The sage is right next to it, I had dug some up from my mother's home several years ago, and keep re-digging it up and taking it with me wherever I move to. It reminds me of my mother, she has had sage planted around her garden, ever since I was a child. I just love the smell of sage, it's divine, and is nice to watch all the fluttering life that it attracts with it's new purple blooms. Yumm...

Something about the beginnings of summer that makes me want to wear a cotton dress,my cowgirl boots, and dance through the tall grass... so that's what I did!

We have a field across from the house, and I told my Mr.Sweetness, that I wanted to take some photos in the field while it was wild. (Much like my hair in these pics) Ha! So we did, not exactly how I pictured them in my mind, but it was fun, and we both had a good chuckle.

The grass was so tall and thick, it kept catching on my dress, and made it difficult to walk through, too funny.

Even Ms. Violet had to be right in the middle of the action, always my shadow...  
 She thought she was pretty clever, buried in all that tall grass.

I think it had gotten a little too tall, for my vision, at one point it was up to my chest. 
But it did smell nice. Guess I am just a country girl at heart.

It was mowed down the next day, so I am thankful I got to play in it even for a short while.

Blue skies,and blooming trees...

And Afternoon wishes...

Was nice to take a break from all the stitching and sewing I have been doing lately, working on the trailer pillows. 
I need to have change, or maybe I have ADD, and can't just focus on doing one thing over and over. LoL!
So I made some pretties this week...

A Fairy Domino Book.

Accordion folded, with lots of vintage fairy images. I used a vintage ribbon for the sides, that my friend sent to me.

It's really magical to untie each side and see all the fairies inside...

The back has a sparkling fairy with her wand ready to grant your wish!

It was really fun to make this one.

I have this old advertisement in my studio I thought I would share with you, it's from the 20's I think? Every time I look at this advertisement, it always inspires me.It reminds me of my love of nature, and the love I have for outdoor things. I am sure you can see why I love it so, who doesn't love a butterfly Queen being served nectar by the little plant pixies. They remind me of little pea pod people. And the tall beautiful one in the center has great flowing lines to her shapely figure. It's really special to me.

And then I made some fairy page keepers too... I love working with paper. And apparently fairies, Ha! It's my favorite!!!

And a little sneak peek of a project I am working on for a private swap... Faeries galore! 

Wishing you all, a wonderful creative weekend filled with love...
Oh, and I cannot forget, A Happy Mother's Day to you too!

~Susan Xo

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, too, Susan.

    Ok, I adore your photos in the tall grasses....all cotton and leather! You look so at home and comfortable.

    You surely have been prolific with Fairy Keepers and art'd you find time to drive around in that awesome truck????

    Thanks for the chance to visit with you today. It's always a treat!