Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Unexpected Adventure And Art

Hello Lovelies!
The past several weeks have been so packed with joy.
I can start to feel a shift in the weather this past week. Cooler evenings and a bit of a morning chill. I expect fall is soon on it's way. Many of the kids are heading back to school already, so I guess summer is winding down.
Seems every chance we can get were heading to the Oregon Coast for a little cool down. The heat this year has been, well... HOT. Us Oregonian's aren't used to so many days of 90's. Everything is just sooo dry.
While we were at the beach this last visit, we went on a 2 mile "wetland" hike. It was such a beautiful day.
Sun beams shining through the tree tops...
 Birdies singing from up above, and little bridges that paved the way...
 Monster leaves tucked between tall grass along side the path...
 And OHHHH Toadstools!
Would you just look at these?
 These guys were amazing!
Petrified solid with the most amazing colors.

Gnarled and awesome...

Up , Up and Up they grew...

All the way to the top.
Purely Magical!
After being awestruck by the magic of the toadstools, we came across a sign leading us to an unexpected surprise.
 I thought to myself, oooh how wonderful. Well.... much to our surprise, it was completely DRY.
I expect this place will be just amazing after the rains come. It will give us a reason to re visit and see some the migrating birds and forest critters that call this place home.

And...the most amazing thing, is that this secret forest is within a 1 minute walk from our lot at the beach. I can't wait to see it in the fall. Really a spectacular and amazing place.
With the month drawing to a close, I have certainly had Halloween on my mind too. I signed up for the wonderful Tombstone ATC swap over at Retro Café Art Gallery. I always get excited about this swap. So much fun!!! So many talented artists!!!
 I expect to start on my tombstones real soon. There is plenty of time to sign up still.
I came across a few pictures of some that I made in the past...

I have so many more pictures "somewhere" in my computer.  I'm sure I'll find them after I publish this post.
 I have been trying to get into the "spirit" of Halloween this past few weeks, and finished up a batch of little wicked's that are currently available in my shop. Here are a few of them:)

 I really love making these.
Just so much fun!
I enjoy making each one unique and different. This batch I added some fun elements like the little spell books and cauldrons, and curly little wire elements too.
When I finish one, they make me smile.
That's what art is all about for me.
What are you currently working on?
I would love to hear from you below in the comment section is you have the time.
Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Take good care, and best wishes to you,

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