Friday, February 3, 2012

Creating a Handmade Tag Tutorial

Welcome! Today we are going to create a beautiful Handmade Tag!!!It's super easy and fun. Once you make one, you won't want to stop, as there are so many possibilities of expressing yourself with these mini works of art. Supplies needed to create this tag are:

 ~Plain mailing/shipping tag,
 ~Hole punch,
 ~pencil for tracing,
 ~ink and paintbrush used for blotting and blending ink ( I love Ranger inks the best),
 ~Paper images/coordinating papers for your project,
~Ribbon and jewels or pearls for embellishing,
 ~"Authentique" line of sticker text,
 ~Scrap paper/Grocery Store Paper Bag

 (I like to use a torn paper grocery bag and tape down the edges to my work surface) for protection and staining of the ink during blotting and glueing.

We are going to start with your plain mailing tag...

Get your paintbrush and inks ready for blending. I like to color the top of the tag 1st,using the vintage photo ink and then blending in the the Orange Marmalade until you get the achieved color you like...

Get ready and choose your images you want to use, this can be challenging if you have many to choose from. Just grab what feels good to you and stick with that. I have choosen papers from Graphics 45 for this project. Your going to lay down your tag and trace a front and back with a pencil. Don't forget the circle at the top. Then cut on the line and Hole punch the top circle, set aside.

Pick out some lace or ribbon for trimming the edges, and cut to fit. You can also have ready your pearls or other embellishments, and text stickers you would like to use for this project. Now it's time to assemble your tag. Before gluing, I like to achieve a layout that I am happy with before glueing permanently. Once I have it the way I like it, it's time to put it all together.. Let's go!

Just cover over the tag using your tempelate of front and back and glue in place, rubbing out all air bubbles, and make sure to press down the edges securely. Repeat this for your image you want to use, and glue in place. Now it's time to embellish your tag...

We are almost there!!!Are you getting excited yet??? Add your lace or ribbon trim,your pearls, "I like to add just a drop of glue down to secure the jewels permanently, so that they don't pop off." And add your text. You can use anything for text, I am using these great phrases sickers from the Authentique line.These are great for there size and they have a great sticking ability. I would suggest a dab of glue if you are attaching the sticker text directly over fabric,to ensure they stay on good and strong.

Now just trim any overhanging edges, so that your tag edge is nice and clean and even. Now it's time to add your final ribbons at the top for that finishing touch. I have choosen some pink cotton fabric, that I hand tore and frayed, by pulling out the strings on the edges to give a bit more of a vintage look, and a coordinating cutting of bias tape from my sewing supplies.Just simply tie in a knot and Ta Da! A final touch of some wings give her the perfect amount of flair she needs!

And thats it! You did it! You now have a handmade tag to use for your favorite read or to give as a gift for a friend! I like to have lots of these tags on hand so that I can give them as free gifts with my etsy shop sales, or attach to a gift,or any occassion that calls for a handmade touch worth remembering..... Thanks for being creative with me until next time... Have a Beautiful Day!


  1. Dearest, I discovered your blog and are amazed by so much beauty, my congratulations.
    Bea and I live in Switzerland, but they are from Argentina, I apologize for my English but it is not my forte.
    I would like to know where I can get to see the works that are for sale.