Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Customer Appreciation

Hello everyone, a beautiful sunny day here in Portland Oregon today! Ran errands this morning, some "light" weeding and now I'm here talking to all of you beautiful people!

Lots on the list today, but I wanted to send a Shout Out to a wonderful customer of mine, Julie K. from the Sunny state of Florida.

She recently purchased a vintage Dollie from me on my Etsy shop site, and sent me some pictures of her AMAZING  transformation. You guys are just going to flip when you see them.. Ready?...

These are her before photo's, I found her in a bunch of discarded items, under piles of stuff. She was made in the 40's, and someone played with her to pieces, she was in really sad shape. She had her original dress,and her body was all there, but in pretty rough condition.

 When I found her, I knew I had to rescue her, am I'm so glad I did, because Julie purchased her and wait til you see what she looks like now...


Julie is a miracle worker, and has restored her back to her original condition! It just warms my heart to think that she now has a new face and someone who truly took the time to love her again. Julie is planning on repairing her body and keeping her original dress. She has her on EBay under jakzjewelz if anybody is interested in taking her home, I hope she gets a beautiful new life!

Have a Beautiful Day!
~Susan/ Flutter Before You

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