Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Using my Courage... And a Giveaway!

Hello Lovelies!
Well.... I did it. I have launched my 1st DVD Tutorial!
This idea of mine started as just that. An idea. An idea that sprung forth into something beautiful, exciting,scary and unknown, at first. And now that I have successfully accomplished that scary,unknown, I am Happy to say that it was worth taking the risk.

 You know those pesky voices, or is it fear, that haunt your thoughts, and try telling you, what are you doing? The what if''s? What if no one likes it? Or who do you think you are?

All that scary stuff, of not knowing. ... Then the clouds lift, and the birds start to sing, and then...choosing to just go for it. The Believing in your vision, doing it anyway.Well, that's exactly what I did! And I have to say.. it feels GREAT!

I have been working on creating this Tutorial for several weeks, planning,note taking, and becoming more technical. And guess what? It has been worth it. I have learned so much. 

Yes, the technical stuff, and also about me, and about who I am. Accepting myself, the way that I am.Even if the Tutorial isn't successful, I can honestly say that I accomplished something that I had only dreamed about doing. And that's what my word for 2013 is all about.

Taking a chance...
I have never been comfortable hearing my own voice. As a matter a fact, I don't think that most people like hearing their own voice. But that was one of those ugly fears that were holding me back. I just had to push through, and tell myself, "Just get over it." YOU CAN DO THIS.

I am so excited! My tutorial is in a DVD format, with chapters. So if there is a segment you missed, or need a refresher,you can just click on the chapter and watch it from there. Pretty cool. Huh?
The DVD and supply list are available through my Etsy shop HERE

These Treat Cones are so much fun to make too! Could you imagine getting one for Valentines Day? Or Birthday? So special. They have enough room inside to tuck in some special candies,home made creations,jewelry, or fun trinkets too!

I would like to show my appreciation to all of you that have followed me this past year and offer a fabulous GIVEAWAY!!!
I am giving away one of my Treat Cones to the lucky winner! 

 Just be a follower on my blog

And if you would like to, ( only if you want) share my Tutorial link on your blog/or Face Book Page

you can copy and paste this link here:


And leave me a comment below...

And that's it!

I will choose the lucky winner by random selection, and will announce the winner next Tuesday January 22nd,2013

Best of Luck!!!

Thank You so much for letting me share my excitement with you today! And for all your encouragement and support. Hope to hear from you soon. And please leave your comments below to be entered in the Giveaway, and so that I can personally Thank You for your visit.

Have an Amazing Day!!!
~Susan Xo


  1. Congrats!! What an accomplishment!! You should definately be proud.....and just think of what this means for the rest of the year?! Pure, risk-taking Magic!

    Best Wishes!

    1. Thank You Cameron, I appreciate you leaving your comment. I believe that we need to challenge ourselves,and get out of our comfort zone, to achieve goals that otherwise we would not attempt because of fear. Though it can be scary,I do think it's worth taking the risk. Happy Day to you!!!

  2. Susan LOL I feel the same I hate hearing my voice ... you did a wonderful job great tutorial ... I think sometime you have to push past your worries and just do it and you did Well done! I look forwards to see and hearing more of you .. hugs wendy

    1. Thank You Wendy. Sometimes pushing through the worries and what if's, can bring you to a new perspective, once you come through the other side. So happy you stopped by, always appreciate your visits. Hugs to you too!

  3. Hi Susan! Great job! Looking forward to a great 2013! Your cones are just adorable!

    1. Thanks Donna, I am excited to see what this New Year brings too, so many possibilities. Happy to hear from you :) Xo

  4. Congrats...what a great accomplishment for you. It's going to be an amazing year.

    1. Hello Monica! Thanks so much. I feel the same way about the possibilities of this New Year. Wishing you the best as well. Take Care~