Monday, January 28, 2013


Hello Lovelies.

Seems i have gotten a bit busy since my last post, as a matter a fact, life's been a bit crazy this past week or so, and has left me feeling a bit off.

My daughter was super sick earlier this week, and the telephone rang in the middle of the night. The 2:30 am call that you know is never good. That prompted a 3:00 am emergency room visit. We spent the night there that night, with all the testing, ultrasounds, etc.
 Not at all what I had envisioned for myself, when I crawled into bed just 10 minutes before I got the call. 

 It's been a great number of years since I stayed up all night. Call me a baby,but I love my sleep. And she's not really a little one anymore either, as she is 25, and lives on her own. But, she will always, be my baby. The worry when your child is not well, never goes away ,no matter what age they are. And, she's 5 months along into her pregnancy, so there was some cause for alarm.

Thankfully, her and the baby are doing just fine now, but still scary. It turns out, is was just a virus. Nothing serious.

The next day, though, I slept away most of it, we had received a visit from our Brother in Law.  Seems he lost his rental and needs a place to stay for awhile. He has to be out by the end of the month. THIS month. He is family, and does not have other options. And our only option, is to help however we can. All of this has led to a massive cleaning of the garage and trying to make extra room, in our 600 sq. feet of living space.

Add in a few panic attacks from me, and yea, should be fun. I don't mean to sound terrible, just purely honest. But I have never had roommates. In over 25 years. So you can imagine my surprise with all of this.  

In a positive light, the cleanup is something we have needed to do for awhile now. But every time the thought of actually doing something about it, has come up, we just seemed to walk back in the house, closing the door, as if ,somehow, it will magically take care of itself. 

Loads of things from years ago, boxes of old junk, that have not been seen in at least 2 years or longer, are being donated. Old papers shredded.  And frankly, it's just junk, junk that we don't need cluttering up the small amount of sacred space we have. So it does feel good to finally let these old things go, and we are making some progress there. 

Now, if I could just find the strength to do this in my closet too. Ha!

I squeeze in a bit of art time when I can, and soon, I will find my balance again. I am certain of that.

I will admit, that this girl is longing for the arrival of spring. This longing, has me thinking of glittering faeries, and to see and smell the flowers once more... Soon....

til next time... Take Care and Have a Happy Week!

 ~Susan Xo


  1. Susan your fairies are lovely...You are a great women to open your home to family...I wish mine was like that... I too am longing for spring...I am glad ur daughter and her baby are fine...those moments are scary...

    1. Thank You Creative Wings :) I appreciate your visit. Sometimes we just have to do the right thing, even if it takes us out of our comfort zone. I would hope if it were me in the same situation,someone would do the same for me. Thanks for the well wishes. Xo

  2. Oh Susan...Happy to hear that your scare with "little one" is OK now. They are ALWAYS our baby's. Nice to get into the garage and purge thos shadows of the past. The weight on your shoulders will lighten and the light will shine soon. Hoping to see you soon and wanting happiness for you and your family.
    Kathy xoxoxo <3

    1. Thanks Kathy, Yes, ALWAYS is right. So happy everything is fine. And yes the heaviness of dragging around all that stuff is slowly lifting us, so all good things. It will all be OK. :) Hugs sweetie

  3. Hi, Susan, dear!! Oh, so glad everything is okay with your daughter and the baby! ♥ I have not blogged about it, but we have another person in our house, husband's 25 year-old son...long story, a break-up, he had nowhere to go (his Mom has passed) ~ so, it was supposed to be a month and it has been 3, with no change of plans in sight...he was an amazing help when we cleaned out my husband's downtown "shop" space, though, even though it has all come to my house...we are planning a MAJOR purge as soon as it warms up just a little!
    Have a wonderful Thursday!

    1. Thank You for your well wishes Ann. Best of luck with your purging progress. It really does feel uplifting, to be out from under the clutter,and dragging these things around for so many years. Mind you, I have a ways to go, but will get there. Sounds like we are traveling on similar paths at the moment. So happy to know I am not alone. ~Hugs

  4. Susan, it's been a few weeks and I hope by now the dust has settled and everyone in your family is making progress in some form or other. What a generous heart you have to be there when others need you. Says a lot about a person. Take care and I will check back to see how you are doing!

    1. Thank You Kadee, it's been a week, still adjusting,and remembering to breathe. :) I appreciate your kind heart, and look forward to your return visit. ~Hugs