Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

Hello Lovelies, are you still there?

 I have been neglecting my blog this past month, everything just got so crazy. Life in general, lots going on. Trying to find my balance between work, putting my father's house on the market for sale, and dealing with having a room mate. 

And I must say, I haven't been a very good one. And that part of me, I am ashamed of. I have realized that I am a creature of habit. I like my own space, and I need my own space, my routines, and with that, everything has gotten blurry. My balance has shifted into a not so familiar ground at times. But, I am trying my best to handle it all. And I know that I will get through it, and this too shall pass. 

The weather here this past week has been exquisiteness, the trees are in bloom, and it has started to become warmer, so wonderful to feel the sun upon my face again. Such a welcoming sight. 

And this weekend is Easter! I can hardly believe how fast it has come. I am working that day, so no big plans for me, however I do love the sweetness of Easter. The pastel colors and blossoms, and all the darling little girls dresses with ruffles, and the dapper young men in their ties. Just precious!

I even had to dress my little Tonka man, up in his tie, just for such an occasion....

LOL! Isn't he just Handsome? I think so, but a mother is always a bit bias, you know.

He get's this little chick in the basket, after the photos... 

It's his Easter reward for being  such a good boy!

I have had a few days in between for some Artsy fun too. It's good therapy... I have joined a few swaps this past month. These are for the ArtChix Blue ATC swap. I love how she turned out.

Mermaid-ens riding sea turtles...

Water fun...

Blue Faeries, but of course...

I love this image, and the words seem so fitting for me this past month...

And a little tree faerie... And YES! 

A dance in the warm sun is just what this artsy girl needs...
And, maybe some chocolate peanut butter eggs! 

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend, and much love.

 ~Susan Xo 


  1. OMG Tonka is so cute! He has made my day!!! Cute post.

    Happy Easter!
    Ricki Jill

    1. Thanks Ricki Jill, He's a pretty good sport about having his photo taken. The things us mothers do for a good laugh! Hope your Easter was wonderful, and I appreciate your visit :) Xo

  2. It can be hard keeping up with blogs when our lives get a bit complicated. You have a lot going on but I always love dropping by and seeing what fun thing you've been up or what is going on in your life. Glad you joined a swap as they can help us keep our sanity when things get a bit crazy. And your tags turned out beautifully... love them! Take deep breaths and you will come out on the other side a better person knowing that you can handle things when they come your way! I'm rooting for you!

    1. Thank You Kadee Willow! Sometimes it all comes at once, it seems. I do feel like it's calming down a bit now.And having some Art time is always just what the doctor ordered. I appreciate you stopping by and for your wonderful comment. You made my day, Thank You. Hugs, sweetie

  3. wishing you the best and a great blog!

    1. Thank You Nike :) It will all be fine. I am sure of that, just takes time to ride out the wave before getting to the calmer sea. Thank You for visiting, always love hearing from you. Your such a sweetie pie! Xo

  4. Hi Susan, I love your little Tonka man! He's so cute! And your fairy card, "Let's dance in the sun wearing wild flowers in our hair" Just beautiful. Nice to see it's warm where you are, too! And thanks for stopping by to say, hello!
    xo Lenore =:0)

    1. Thanks Lenore, he is quite the little man, he makes me smile each and every day. And he's always such a good sport to put up with his mothers ideas for photos! lol! Happy that you stopped by too :) Hugs, Susan