Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sprucing up my nest

Hello Lovelies! 

 Hope you have all had a wonderful week. 

I am into my second week of working again, and I must say, I am loving it!

And at the end of the day, I would like to think that when I lie in my bed at night, reflecting upon my day, it's the small things, like giving a  compliment, or a smile. Lending a welcoming ear, that somehow may make a difference. 

You never know how some one's life is, and what they are going through, and to think that I, could provide some sort of sparkle to their day, is very rewarding. 

I even got a nice compliment from my boss, as I left for the day. She told me that I was picking up on things better than most people that have been in my position before me. Oh my, that meant the world, as I have been hoping that I would be good at my job.

 I somehow have to feel, that, as smooth of a transition as it was, to be hired, it must have been meant to be for a reason. And that makes me feel good.

I have had a few days off, to recharge, and do some spring decorating, I just love sprucing up my nest! 
Especially for spring.

That's when the faeries re-appear you know?

I took a fabulous trip to the craft store yesterday, for restocking on supplies, made a few home cooked meals for the man, (which he greatly appreciates), and, have even squeezed in some time for ArT!! 

All of My favorite things!!! It's been a great week!

Spring is almost here!!!

For spring time decorating, I like to add lots of nests, incorporate birds,eggs and faeries, into my little vignettes. 

It's fun for me, and you know I am a faerie lover...

Glass cloches are filled with nests and faeries

And lets not forget the butterflies, gotta have lots of those fluttering about too...

And Mushrooms and mosses sprinkled around, for a woodsy feel.

I know I have mentioned before, about gathering mosses from the old tree, when my niece comes to visit. So I thought I would share a few photos of the old guy I have been referring to.

This guy has warty bumps all over him, I just love this old tree...

And if you look close, there is an all mighty eye staring back at you.
I am not certain of it's age, but it's gnarled branches and huge trunk tells me he's been around awhile. This house was built in the 40's, so it very well could be that old. 

If I were 80 + I would be a little crooked too!

I started taking a class before I started working again, and I have just been dying to start on it. This process is so much fun, it's collage work, and mixed media. I pencil colored the eyes, and I painted the  background with acrylics, then added some textures with bubble wrap, and some varying stamps.

It's actually been quite therapeutic for me, to spend hours cutting out all these flowers. 

I added words from a Country Home advertisement...

And cut out the butterflies from this fabulous wrapping paper I stumbled across the other day. Don't you just Love Love Love? 

And Here It Is!!! 

I just love how it turned out, so bright and fun!
It was just the kind of art project I needed. As a matter of fact, I had so much fun making this, I woke up early this morning and made another one too!

I could just keep going on these. 

They make me so Happy!!

The Perfect project for a gray rainy day, here in Oregon.

Thank You for stopping by, and don't forget to leave your comment below, if you would like. :) 

Til next time...

Have a Beautiful Day!


  1. I love what you've done!! I was wondering though... how do you do the eyes? Do you draw them as well - you said you color penciled the eyes. I want to try this but I'm not good at drwing eyes. Again... love, love this!

  2. This is the fabulous class that I took to create these lovelies.

  3. Well, at least I can enjoy the beauty of spring here since it hasn't hit my real life yet. A very lovely post, thank you!!