Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Decorating

Hello Lovelies!
Hope all is well... Are you feeling the magic of Christmas yet?

I certainly am! I was feeling so behind, but not after today!
I was finally able to get some of my decorating started today. YAY!!!

We got the tree last night... and then discovered that our tree stand had gone missing from last year. Oh how fun, back to the store we went...
That was all right though, it just gave us more time to vignette Jewel up for a photo!
She's looking festive now, with her Christmas glow...

Put on the Christmas music, it's time to get this Christmas on!
Stringing the lights...

My Mantle this year... I decided to go with wintery whites...
A little vintage Dollie that was given to me last year, she's really old, and I just love the patina of her dress.

A little Christmas Faerie...

A little collection of bottle brush trees...

I made this little muslin wrapped cone tree, covered in vintage white buttons, last year...

A little bottle containing vintage buttons...

Untangling the butterflies... I love all my butterflies!
I have been collecting these for years.
And here it is! All decorated! I used a lot of amber and golds this year.

I like to use birds,and birdhouses, and nests, and butterflies...

This Christmas faerie is one of my favorites!

And these!

A little baby birds nest with glittered little eggs...

A special Ornament that I won when attending a live show of AM Northwest one year with my sister...This one is really special!

And lots of fruits dipped in sparkly Christmas magic!
It feels so cheery in here now... I just love the way the tree turned out, with the contrast of the white mantle. The mirrors really add an extra glow and enhance the twinkling feel of the room.

Even sweet baby violet has a front row seat!

Hope you enjoyed my decorating this year, I have more to come... so stay tuned!

Enjoy your weekend.

~Susan Xo






  1. Woooooowww! I am in love with your house! I am loving every square inch Susan! You have made it so so beautiful! My favorite is the fairie under glass, and the one on your tree, and the button tree...(gotta try that one). and......oh, you have made my heart warm tonight!

    1. Oh Thank You Sharon! I love all your compliments, how sweet of you! So Happy for your visit! ~Hugs

  2. You are the Queen of Holiday Decorating my 'Deer', totally rocked it, and topped Halloween! Well done, and I love the car! LOL!
    Have a Brilliant Holiday Season. :)

    1. Thanks Denise! The car is a 49 Plymouth, she's a fun one! Happy Holiday Season to you too! ~Hugs

  3. So gorgeous! You need to come and do mine:)

    1. Hello Linda, Thank You! I do love decorating, I would love to come over and help you too :) That would be a hoot! Happy Holidays to you sweetie, I appreciate your visit. ~Hugs