Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting my decorating on...tomorrow.

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

Ours was simple and delightful, a wonderful collaboration from all of us. This year it was a small simple gathering, and very cozy. Sometime's, it's the small things, that I cherish most.

Now that we have made it through Thanksgiving, it's full steam ahead to Christmas. This year I  plan on keeping up with that same simple rule for Christmas too. Shoppe local small business, and Handmade with love.

I enjoy the simplicity of handmade gifts and cards from the heart, for me, it's more about creating something personal, and of course the decorating!
I love the feel of Christmas, the magic of it. Pulling out the boxes of Christmas treasures,the memories that are stored away from years past.
Oh, and did I say Decorating!

These were some little white, vintage inspired trees I created last year...

This one with old dictionary pages, and old pearls...

And this one I used old white buttons, I just love how they all have a slight variances in color...

  Christmas is HERE!!!
The lights and the Christmas music, hot cocoa and cookies, cozy fires and the whole thing.....!!! I had better get moving on my decorating! I feel a bit behind.
Tomorrow... it WILL HAPPEN!

I have been making stockings, loading up the Shoppe with vintage Christmas baubles,working on some commissioned art pieces for a dear friend,and having fun creating some Ornies for the holiday.
I made up several stockings for listing in my Shoppe...
These stockings were really fun to make! I used up some of my pink Shabby Chic fabrics for these fabulous stockings. It's the same fabric I used for the cushion covers in my tiny trailer Jewel!
I really enjoy working with fabric, it's therapeutic to me. I'm a total "feeler" type of gal, so working with vintage lace and cottons, in pretty patterns, is such a joy, it makes my heart Sing!!!  Fa La La La La!!!

This last weekend my niece Chevaya came to stay with me, and we made all kinds of things for her to give for gifts. She's 13, and she loves Art. And I just love having her over for a creative weekend.
 We have such fun!
Here's some of the projects we worked on this past weekend...

She was so inspired by my Charolette ornament that I made, she HAD to have one too! And she did such a great job!
 These are some of her hand painted ornaments she made for gifting. I had a bunch of flat glass ornaments in my stash, so these worked great for this project. We wrapped up all her gifts, made handmade cards, and now she's all ready for Christmas!
 I just love children's paintings!

Here's one that I worked on along side one another... as I played teacher...

This is the one I made last week,that she spied in the studio, and inspired the ones above.
She instantly fell in love with her.

I also made her a stocking too!
I made this from a sweater of my sister, Diana's. I have kept it for 4 years now, and thought this would be a good year to make her something with it. She picked out the hot pink, and I added the rest of the details. She's also a fairy lover like me!
I wanted her to have something to remember her mother during Christmas, and cherish for years to come.... It felt really good to make this for her. Happy Heart...

I'll leave you with this photo of Tonka our Bulldog, he is in total hibernation mode... I couldn't resist sharing this little nap time photo with you! Don't you just want to kissy him!
I love him so...
Have a Beautiful Day!
Next time I will have decorating in the works!
~Susan Xo


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    1. Thank You Nike, your visits, and kind words are always appreciated! Thank You for stopping by today. Xo

  2. Oh, Susan! Lots of white and pink and vintage. Very, very pretty! Be sure to show us more when you have everything up.

    1. Thank You Rhissanna! I actually started today! Yay for me. LOL! I always love decorating for any occassion, especially Christmas! Thanks for your comment, I appreciate you taking the time sweetie. ~Hugs