Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I hope things have settled down a bit, and you are able to enjoy these moments. The good things... Family, Friends, good food, and the joy and happiness of Christmas.

 The weather is surprisingly clear here in Portland today,the sun is out even! My sweet mama is coming up today, and I'm doing our celebration dinner this evening. Yummmy! I've been baking for the last two days. My grandmothers famous Zucchini cookies,chocolate chip, sugar cookies, and lemon bars. Smells so yummy in love.

But it sounds like Christmas Day, will be another story... Heavy rain and possible snow. Just maybe, we will get a white Christmas...

The other day I ventured out to my little Jewel, so neglected, and lonely. It has been cold and very wet here. Nothing new for this time of year in Portland. I think we are the rain capitol, if I'm not mistaken. Ha!Ha!

And what to my wondering eyes should appear, all of my pretties that I had securely fastened to my walls with command strips, had all fallen down. Too much moisture I guess, to hold everything up. Oh, man,so sad.

 I wanted to do a bit of Christmas decorating in there for some photo's. So, I went and grabbed a portable heater, and started cleaning up the debris. Luckily, nothing broken, just scattered. Soon after, I blew a fuse, another curve ball.

But determined, I kept going. Even though I was freezing. My sweet hubby brought us out some sandwiches for lunch. So sweet of him! He was thinking we would have a nice cozy lunch.

We ate there, as we could see the steam of each breath in the cold. Longing for the warmer days to return... It was fun though, a winter picnic!

Wishing you much love, and a very Happy Happy Christmas!!!
~Susan Xo


  1. What beautiful eye candy!!!! I love your little trailer, what a wonderful creative outlet!!! Have a Wonderful Christmas Susan!! Cheers!!! xoxo :)

  2. Merry Christmas! What beautiful photos.

  3. Beautiful, Susan, my Dear! Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and wishing you a wonderful 2013! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog ~ I appreciate them so!! (They inspire me more than you can imagine!)
    Anne (& the Kitties)