Sunday, February 10, 2013

Potted Faerie Magic

Hello Lovelies. 

It's been a bit since I last posted. Been busy, and getting adjusted to the new living situation. Well, at least trying, anyway. 

I just got a new part time job this week, and am really excited to start this new chapter, it will be wonderful to have an escape a few days a week, and I am looking forward to meeting the new people that will be there, to greet me. 

Trying to make time for art too! 

I once read an interesting statement somewhere... When asking an artist,why do you create art? Is like asking someone, why do you eat or drink? 

I thought that was perfect!!!

So true!!

I am planning to get involved with some swaps, here in the near future, as I do miss them so. In the meantime here's a little something my niece and I worked on, over the weekend. 


She did a remarkable job on her potted faerie on the right. We had fun gathering mosses from the old tree, and incorporated flowers and hand spun cotton mushrooms, that were made in Germany. They really add that little magic touch to the piece.

Here is a closer look... I admit I didn't do a very great job of vignetting for the photos, as I snapped a few shots quickly, while we were working.

And of course lots of faerie glitter magic too! We were both covered in faerie dust by the time we were finished! It was so much fun!

I used a Vintage tart tin for the base. It has a great weathered patina.  I then added a little sparkling nest,vintage millinery, and a pretty paper butterfly, made of German Scrap.

These were just too fun, to make. I want to make several more!!!

Hope you enjoy them.

Wishing you a wonderful week! 

Until next time... 

Create your own magic!!!

~Susan Xo


  1. Replies
    1. Thank You! They were so much fun to make :) Xo

  2. So adorable! They are addicting to make! Have a great day tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Donna, What a week. I am feeling my age today, as it's my first and only day off. Then back at it next week.Hoping for a shorter week, I'm dying to get in my studio again. ~Hugs

  3. so super cute and beautiful, very whimsical
    congrats on the new job

    1. Thanks Wendy :) Always a treat to have you visit. I do have a fondness for faeries, they are one of my favorite things to create.Xo